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Considering Career Training in Healthcare? 5 Signs You Should Become a Pharmacy Assistant!

May 04, 2018

pharmacy assistant standing by counterBecoming a pharmacy assistant can be quite the rewarding career for those interested in the pharmaceutical industry. As a pharmacy assistant, you’ll work under the direct supervision of a trained pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, assisting the former with preparing different medications, all while performing various clerical duties.

Are you curious as to whether you have the skills needed to really thrive in the role of a pharmacy assistant? Below are five clear signs that you’d be a perfect fit for this career path!

1. You’re Well Organized and Can Multitask

As a pharmacy assistant, you’ll have many different responsibilities. These can include ordering inventory, greeting clients, and even helping to fill prescriptions under the supervision of a pharmacist. Being able to perform all of these tasks requires that a pharmacy assistant be organized and detail oriented to avoid errors. If you’re able to manage multiple tasks effectively, then it’s a good sign that you could be a great fit for this rewarding career.

2. You’re Highly Responsible and Alert

Responsibility and alertness while on the job are important qualities to cultivate for any kind of career, and becoming a pharmacy assistant is no exception. Good pharmacy assistants need to be diligent and detail-oriented, given the important nature of their work. You may need to help fill out prescriptions under the supervision of a pharmacist, or help ensure that pharmacy inventory is at optimal levels. Both of these tasks necessitate for a pharmacy assistant to act responsibly by routinely checking stock, as well as double checking that the medications they pack and label are correct for each client, so that supervising pharmacists won’t come across errors in their work.

3. Good Pharmacy Assistants Work Well in Teams

If you’re looking to pursue pharmacy assistant training , you’ll need to be able to work well as part of a team while occasionally immersed in a high pressure environment. When pharmacies get busy, and pharmacists are overwhelmed, you will need to be able to work effectively with them to ensure clients are served appropriately. If you’re a good communicator and work well with others, there’s no doubt you’ll thrive in this career.

Working well as part of a team is important to success as a pharmacy assistant

4. Good Customer Service Skills Are a Good Sign That You’d Make a Great Pharmacy Assistant

Great interpersonal and people skills are an important part of being a pharmacy assistant. Since pharmacy assistants will often process transactions and answer phones, they need to be polite, patient, and customer oriented.

Pharmacy assistants process transactions, so good customer service skills are a must

Pharmacy assistants also greet customers and get important information from them. As a result, pharmacy assistants should also be good listeners. Good listening skills also help pharmacy assistants properly follow instructions from customers as well as the pharmacist. If you have had previous experience with customer service, that experience could give you an edge as you pursue this career path.

5. An Interest in Healthcare Can Help Get Your Pharmacy Assistant Training Started!

Probably the most obvious indicator that you’re ready for a career as a pharmacy assistant is that you may already have an interest in healthcare and helping others. If healthcare is what you like, then you’ll thrive in an environment that stimulates your interests. A good pharmacy assistant course , like the one offered at Medix College, will give you all the training and confidence you will need to prepare yourself for this role, and turn your passion into a reality!

Do think you would enjoy a career as a pharmacy assistant?

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