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  • Securing placement students for a variety of healthcare programs.
  • Sharing your job vacancies with our recent graduates and alumni network.
  • Promoting your recruitment initiatives- including virtual guest speaker opportunities and career fairs.

Medix graduates are equipped with both practical, hands-on training and a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge. Our students will seamlessly integrate into your workforce, bringing with them a dynamic blend of energy, up-to-date industry expertise, adept problem-solving skills, and a collaborative spirit.

We take pride in preparing our students to become indispensable assets to your team, ready to contribute positively from day one. Experience the difference that Medix graduates can make in your organization’s success. Select the campus closest to you, share some insight into your needs, and our team will be in touch soon.

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Are you considering providing an enriching student placement experience within your organization? If so, we invite you to explore the opportunities available through our Career Services team. We take pride in bridging the gap between you and our dynamic and diverse community of students and alumni.

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Medix College Career Services staff are members of Career Professionals of Canada!

Career Professionals of Canada is a leading national association for career practitioners supporting the Canadian labour market. Their mission is to inspire practitioners across Canada by providing the support and tools they need to advance their career and professional development goals.


Samantha Garolfi, Employment Specialist


[email protected]
905-487-1163 x 321

Ask me about: Engaging with and hiring our Brampton graduates.

Sani Kalu, Externship Coordinator

[email protected]
905-487-1163 x 302

Ask me about: Identifying placement students for our programs in the Brampton and surrounding area.


Ghazal Saberi, Employment Specialist

[email protected]
(416) 630-8021 x131

Ask me about: Identifying Medical Office Administrator placement students or hiring our Toronto graduates..

Akeila Straker, Student Placement Coordinator

[email protected]
(416) 630-8021 x 132

Ask me about: Identifying placement students for the following programs: Community Service Worker, Dental Administrator, Dental Assisting, Early Childcare Assistant, Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant, and Personal Support Worker.


Vinitha Nair, Employment Specialist

[email protected]
(416) 701-1201 x219

Ask me about: Identifying placement students for the following programs: Medical Office Administrator and Pharmacy Assistant or hiring our Scarborough graduates.

Mariana Philippou, Externship Coordinator

[email protected]
(416) 701-1201 x213

Ask me about: Identifying placement students for the following programs: Dental Administration, Dental Assisting, Early Childcare Assistant, Fitness and Health, Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant, and Personal Support Worker.

Medix Community Partners

Enrollment Administrator / The Scott Mission Childcare Center

Ruth Lanes, RECE

We have been hosting ECA students from Medix College at our center over the last five years. Our experience has been very positive, as the students exhibit a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm. We have hired some of our previous students, and others we were able to provide them with a good reference. We are very happy with this partnership; we know the quality of the curriculum and we look forward to continuing to mentor students in our ever-growing field. Our experience with Andrea (Field Placement Supervisor) has always been very pleasant and professional. She follows through on matters in a timely manner, at the same time demonstrates a high respect for boundaries. Sincerely,


Josie Garabet, RECE

Walnut St Junior School has had the pleasure of working with Medix College of Healthcare and its wonderful staff and students! We have always had great communication with Supervisor, Andrea Mangos and we developed a great partnership. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to work with her students. The students have demonstrated great work ethic, dedication and professionalism. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Andrea Mangos and her students.

Office Manager / R&N Eye Centre


R & N Eye Centre has been partnering with Medix College to host placement students since 2017. We have had at least five successful candidates who were all knowledgeable in our work settings. They were willing to be trained according to our standards. They are also reliable to handle patients in a very busy working environment, they excelled in their duties as Medical Office Administrators. We have currently hired one of the students while the others have successfully found employment. Special thanks to Shereen & staff at Medix College for giving us great students. We are looking forward to partnering with Medix College students in the future.

CSW Graduate

Maxia Alicia Lawrence

I am elated to speak on my profound experience at Medix College and the gratitude I have towards my continuous support regarding my preparation for my Internship. I was enrolled in the CSW program. I am more excited about my career choice, and I would recommend the CSW program for anyone that wants to aid their service towards people, society and humanity. I was motivated and prepared to effectively engage in the Program the first day I step into the career service department. Most importantly, the services provided from the career department are unmatched. The continuous support that was in placed to help structured me for my role as a CSW throughout my placement has a great impact towards my success in securing a job. The continuous support and encouragement are greatly appreciated. I have received multiple services and supports that enforce self empowerment and confident in preparation of enduring life skills. My resume was updated every step throughout my journey from searching for my placement to getting multiple interviews and finally successfully getting a job at Unison Health and Community Services as an Outreach Relief Worker. The services that are given motivates you to excel and promotes self reliance to strive for excellence. The gratitude towards all the services that has helped me to transition into a more driven and positive person towards achieving my goals and aspirations was driven from the initiative given in the Career Service department. The professionalism and positive attitude that was demonstrated has helped mold me. I am very honored to be one of many who have been granted such an impeccable service from the career service department at Medix College North York Campus.

Clinic Manager / Toronto Dermatology Centre

Michele Boyce

As a progressive dermatology clinic I had my concerns of taking on an intern into our busy environment. After careful consideration I did, and this has been a beneficial symbiotic partnership for both our businesses. Since that time I have hired subsequent interns and have obtained positive results with respect to teamwork, knowledge, efficiency, and productivity levels. I would not hesitate to recommend Medix College.

MOA Graduate

Susmita Patel

When I started studying at Medix, I was at an age where I needed to start work immediately after the completion of my course. Throughout the whole externship process the career service I received from Medix was exceptionally good and that gave me a great sense of relief. I got a great externship placement and I would not have been able to do so without the help of career services at Medix college. Even after my externship was completed, the career service always helped me find a job placement via email/call. Until I found a placement they never stopped supporting me and helping me to find a great opportunity. I am very grateful for the great career services support at Medix college, specifically Shereen Hayat was the best she would always follow up and make sure I am on the right path.

Administrator / Valence Medical Imaging

Vijitha Valentine

Valence Medical Imaging has developed a great partnership with Medix College in hosting their students for externship. It is always a delight to welcome students from Medix College. They demonstrate initiative, use effective communication skills and choose to become whole-heartedly involved with the different modalities of our clinic. We believe everyone benefits from this interaction. Students who have shown exceptional aptitudes have been hired by VMI. Medix College has an innovative and dynamic Careers team. Thank you Medix College for your participation.

Clinic Supervisor / Davisville Medical Clinic


It is a great pleasure as one of the Medix long term client to be writing this review. Medix students learn a variety of different skills and gain experience in the medical sector while assigned to work in our medical clinics. Through diligent training the students become your right hand as they get use to using the EMR Software, administrative duties, etc. Nonetheless, without hesitation and doubt our company will continue using Medix College and helping their students achieve their career goals.