Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

Develop the skills for a career as Personal Support Worker, delivering compassionate care to individuals with diverse healthcare needs.

In a little over 6 months, Medix College’s Personal Support Worker certificate prepares you to join this booming industry. With a focus on person-centred, emotion-based care, you’ll support clients of all ages in long-term care facilities, supportive housing, home and palliative care. Get started today.

Program Details

The Personal Support Worker certificate is available in multiple delivery formats to accommodate learning preferences, responsibilities and commitments. Regardless of the chosen format, the certificate program spans 27 weeks, inclusive of 300 on-site externship hours, providing invaluable hands-on experience. It’s learning that suits your style and sets you up for success.





What does the Personal Support Worker Certificate Cover?

The Personal Support Worker certificate is designed to teach you how to effectively provide care and assistance to clients and families in order to live fulfilling lives in their communities. You will have the opportunity to participate in cross disciplinary and/or inter-professional learning opportunities with other members of the care and service team, such as a Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse or Social Service Worker. As a student of the Personal Support Worker certificate program, you will develop a broad range of abilities emphasizing value, sensitivity and respect for the individuality of each client:

  • Personal Support Worker Foundations
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Nutrition
  • Care Planning, Restorative Care & Documentation
  • Working in the Community
  • Growth and Development
  • Cognitive Impairment, Mental Health Issues & Brain Injuries
  • Health Conditions
  • Body Systems
  • And more!


Personal Support Worker Externship: Hands-On Learning

The hands-on learning component of our Personal Support Worker certificate program involves 300-hours of practical, hands-on lab training. Over the course of your externship you will learn the various skills and techniques essential for providing care to individuals in need of assistance with daily living activities.

Plus, Programs to Help Navigate Life

At Medix, we believe in providing our students with not only practical expertise but also the capabilities to foster personal and professional growth. That’s why our programs include a focus on mindset development and financial literacy skills.

Thought Patterns for High Performance®
Mindsetting for Success and Well-being in the Digital Age™ from The Pacific Institute

Through “mindsetting” techniques associated with high performance and creating a growth mindset, students gain valuable insights into the workings of their minds. You’ll learn structured process to overcome limiting habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations while fostering new ones that propel you toward your goals. With dedicated time for reflection, evaluation, and application of scientifically-proven principles, you can optimize your personal well-being, educational achievement, and drive toward professional success.

The Enriched Academy

A leading personal finance tool to teach you how to manage your money and build a solid financial future.

Admissions Requirements

For admissions to Medix College, domestic students must:

International Student Admissions

Are you an international student? Learn more about your admissions requirements.

Career Options

Medix College Personal Support Worker students gain exclusive access to our comprehensive job placement assistance services. Our dedicated team offers expert support, guiding you in crafting strategic resumes and cover letters, honing interview skills, and implementing effective job search strategies. You can attend specialized workshops, including those in partnership with community partners, covering topics such as Customer Service Excellence and LinkedIn profile development. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to secure medical jobs in the Toronto area and beyond. Your success is our priority at Medix College.

What career opportunities are available to graduates of the Personal Support Worker program?

  • Personal Support Worker
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Personal Aides Live-in Caregiver
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Child Care and Personal Support Worker

Our Graduates Have Been Hired At

  • Long-term care facilitates
  • Hospitals and Acute Care facilities
  • Rehab centres
  • Hospice Providers
  • Retirement Homes

Download Course Outline

Begin your educational journey with Medix College by exploring our comprehensive Personal Support Worker program.

Download the course outline to discover detailed course content and curriculum information.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career in healthcare!

Program Costs

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. To find out what you’re eligible for, contact our amazing admissions team to review your options today! 

Total Program Fees

Admissions Registration Fee: $25 *
Tuition: $5,530.00
Lab Fees: $525.00
Books: $195.00
Uniform: $90.00

Total: $6,340.00

*Applied to tuition upon enrollment.






Source: Job Bank

*Wage data rounded down to the nearest dollar. Average wage represents the middle value between lowest to highest wages. Local income may vary.

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