Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma Program

Elevate your career at Medix with the Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA) Diploma. As a Physiotherapy Assistant, you’ll play a pivotal role in the treatment and prevention of physical disabilities, movement dysfunction, and pain arising from injury, disease, or other health-related conditions. Explore your potential with a program designed for excellence in physiotherapy assistance.

Our PTA Diploma aligns with the highest standards, meeting the accreditation set by Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada (PEAC). Your path to becoming a well-equipped healthcare professional begins here at Medix.

Program Details

The Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma is a 55-week program that provides the foundation needed to assist in the diverse treatment protocols of a physiotherapy practice. Inclusive of a 350-hour externship and clinical placement, you’ll acquire the essential knowledge, skills, values, and behaviors needed to excel as a Physiotherapy Assistant alongside occupational therapists, physical therapists, and physiotherapists.


What Does the Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma Cover?

As a PTA student you will focus on the most important areas in the field, including the development and function of the human body and rehabilitation plans and techniques. Your studies will include:

  • Introduction to Rehabilitation and Professional Skills in Health Care
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Functional Movement
  • Human Growth and Development and Mental Health
  • Disease, Injury and preventions
  • Physiotherapy fundamentals
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Effective Therapeutic Communications
  • Client Record Management
  • Introduction to Gerontology
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Rehabilitation Principles- CPR and First Aid
  • Clinical Physiotherapy Principles and Practice

Physiotherapy Assistant Externship: Hands-on Learning

The 350-hour hands-on experience is designed to put your classroom learning into real-world practice. Students collaborate with experienced professionals in healthcare settings and actively practice your skills under their direct supervision. This immersive experience ensures that you’re well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in the field of physiotherapy.

Plus, Programs to Help Navigate Life

At Medix, we believe in providing our students with not only practical expertise but the capabilities to foster personal and professional growth. That’s why our programs include a focus on mindset development and financial literacy skills.

Thought Patterns for High Performance®
Mindsetting for Success and Well-being in the Digital Age™ from The Pacific Institute

Through “mindsetting” techniques associated with high performance and creating a growth mindset, students gain valuable insights into the workings of their minds. You’ll learn structured process to overcome limiting habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations while fostering new ones that propel you toward your goals. With dedicated time for reflection, evaluation, and application of scientifically-proven principles, you can optimize your personal well-being, educational achievement, and drive toward professional success.

The Enriched Academy

A leading personal finance tool to teach you how to manage your money and build a solid financial future.

Admissions Requirements

For admissions to Medix College, domestic students must:

International Student Admissions

Are you an international student? Learn more about your admissions requirements.

Career Options

Medix Physiotherapy Assistant students gain access to our comprehensive job placement assistance services. Our dedicated team offers expert support, guiding you in crafting strategic resumes and cover letters, honing interview skills, and implementing effective job search strategies.

You can attend specialized workshops, including those in partnership with community partners, covering topics such as Customer Service Excellence and LinkedIn profile development. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to secure medical jobs in the Toronto area and beyond..

Medix College offers a distinct employment advantage through established partnerships with numerous employers in the field. Our proactive relationship means that employers often reach out to us before publicly posting job opportunities, providing a valuable edge to both current students and graduates in the competitive hiring process.

Graduates of the Physiotherapy Assistant program have obtained employment as:

  • Physical therapist assistant (PTA)
  • Physiotherapist assistant (PTA)
  • Rehabilitation assistant

Our Graduates Have Been Hired At

  • Sports Medicine Clinics
  • Doctors Offices
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Physiotherapy Clinics






Source: Job Bank

*Wage data rounded down to the nearest dollar. Average wage represents the middle value between lowest to highest wages. Local income may vary.

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