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Dental Assisting

Career Opportunities: Intra-Oral Dental Assistant, Dental Administrator, Dental Office Assistant.

Medical Lab Technician Assistant

Career Opportunities: Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Phlebotomist.

Medical Office Administrator

Career Opportunities: Medical Office Administrator, Dental Assistant, Medical Billing Assistant.

Pharmacy Assistant

Career Opportunities: Pharmacy Assistant, Data Assistant, Dispensary Assistant.

Personal Support Worker

Career Opportunities: Personal Support Worker, Residential Support Worker, Personal Aides.

Massage Therapy

Career Opportunities: Registered Massage Therapist.

Dental Administrator

Career Opportunities: Dental administrator, Dental office assistant, Dental secretary, Dental billing specialists

Health and Fitness

Career Opportunities: Fitness Instructor Personal, Trainer Fitness, Technician Fitness, Program Organizer

Early Childcare Assistant

Career Opportunities: Child Care Workers, Daycare Supervisors, Preschool Helpers, Early Childhood Educators

Instructors with Real-Life Experience

Our dedicated instructors and staff come from a variety of backgrounds and are one of the key components in
Medix’s distinct approach for healthcare training. All of our instructors share an unwavering commitment to
their students and have the credentials to bring real life experience to your program.

Admission Process

Medix College has a four-step admissions process which includes contacting the campus, a confidential interview, a business affairs review and the final enrollment

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