Dental Assisting Diploma Program

At Medix, we’re committed to shaping the next generation of dental professionals. If you aspire to be part of a dynamic and rewarding industry, our Intra Oral Dental Assisting program is the foundation for a successful career. With a hands-on approach, our program covers the training necessary to make a positive impact in dentistry. You will graduate not only with a diploma, but with the skills and knowledge required by today’s employers.

Program Details

In the Dental Assisting Diploma program, students engage in a 60-week comprehensive curriculum delivered through both hybrid and in-class formats. A key component of the program is the hands-on 150-hour externship, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world dental settings. This blend of in-class and practical training ensures graduates are thoroughly equipped to navigate the intricacies of dental assisting.

In little over a year, you can earn your diploma in Dental Assisting and embark on a rewarding career in the dental sector!


What does the Dental Assisting Diploma Program Cover?

Our Dental Assisting program covers the essential skills tailored to the versatile role of a dental assistant. Throughout the program, students focus on:

  • Patient Education: Acquire expertise in effectively educating patients and their families about dental health, fostering an informed and empowered dental care community.
  • Chairside Support: Develop crucial skills in providing chairside support to dentists during various dental procedures, ensuring a seamless and efficient patient experience.
  • Patient Preparation: Learn the art of preparing patients for dental examinations, creating a comfortable and reassuring environment for optimal dental care.
  • Instrument Sterilization and Maintenance: Master protocols for sterilizing and maintaining dental instruments and equipment, emphasizing infection control and patient safety.
  • Supply Management: Efficiently manage dental and office supplies, including ordering and maintaining inventory to ensure smooth clinic operations.
  • Reception and Clerical Duties: Develop proficiency in performing reception and clerical duties, honing organizational and communication skills essential for effective dental office management.
  • Radiography: Learn the principles and techniques of taking and developing x-rays, a fundamental aspect of diagnostic procedures in dental care.
  • Scheduling and Invoicing: Understand the intricacies of scheduling dental exams and invoicing procedures, contributing to the smooth functioning of a dental practice.


Dental Assisting Externship: Hands-On Learning

As a mandatory component of our program, all Medix Dental Assisting students must complete a 150-hour (4 weeks) externship/co-op placement at a nearby dental clinic. This experiential learning module enables you to apply the skills learned in class and the Medix clinic, gain real-world experience in specific applications, and further enhance your learning. Many students are hired directly from their externship and for those who are not, it provides the necessary experience to gain employment in the amazing field of dental assisting.

Become a Certified Dental Assistant

Our Intra Oral Level I & II Dental Assistant program is HARP approved (Healing Arts Radiation Protection) by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. If you’re looking to be employed in an Ontario dental office and be HARP qualified in the exposure of prescribed dental radiographs, this course is specifically designed for you.

Graduates who complete the Dental Assisting program at Medix College are eligible to write the National Dental Assisting Examination Board (NDAEB) Exam. When passed, this makes you eligible to register with your provincial dental assisting regulator body ODAA for certifying. Completing your diploma in Dental Assisting at Medix College also includes your membership fee to the ODAA.

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Plus, Programs to Help Navigate Life

At Medix, we believe in providing our students with not only practical expertise but the capabilities to foster personal and professional growth. That’s why our programs include a focus on mindset development and financial literacy skills.

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Through “mindsetting” techniques associated with high performance and creating a growth mindset, students gain valuable insights into the workings of their minds. You’ll learn structured process to overcome limiting habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations while fostering new ones that propel you toward your goals. With dedicated time for reflection, evaluation, and application of scientifically-proven principles, you can optimize your personal well-being, educational achievement, and drive toward professional success.

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Admissions Requirements

For admissions to Medix College, domestic students must:

International Student Admissions

Are you an international student? Learn more about your admissions requirements.

Career Options

Medix Dental Assisting students gain access to our comprehensive job placement assistance services. Our dedicated team offers expert support, guiding you in crafting strategic resumes and cover letters, honing interview skills, and implementing effective job search strategies.

You can attend specialized workshops, including those in partnership with community partners, covering topics such as Customer Service Excellence and LinkedIn profile development. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to secure medical jobs in the Toronto area and beyond. Your success is our priority at Medix College.

Medix College offers a distinct employment advantage through established partnerships with numerous employers in the field. Our proactive relationship means that employers often reach out to us before publicly posting job opportunities, providing a valuable edge to both current students and graduates in the competitive hiring process.

Graduates of the Dental Assisting program have obtained employment as:

  • Intra-Oral Dental Assistant
  • Dental Assistant/Administrator
  • Dental Office Assistant
  • Preventative Dental Assistant
  • Dental Assistant/ Receptionist

Our Graduates Have Been Hired At

  • Dental Offices
  • Orthodontic Offices
  • Endodontics Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Public Health

Program Costs

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. To find out what you’re eligible for, contact our amazing admissions team to review your options today! 

Total Program Fees

Admissions Registration Fee: $25 *
Tuition: $15,110.00
Lab Fees: $1,525.00
Books: $520.00
Uniform: $120.00
Student Kit: $750.00

Total: $18,050.00

*Applied to tuition upon enrollment.






Source: Job Bank

*Wage data rounded down to the nearest dollar. Average wage represents the middle value between lowest to highest wages. Local income may vary.

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Take the first step towards a rewarding career in healthcare!

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