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The Benefits of Completing an Externship After Fitness and Health Training

November 03, 2021

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If you’ve made the switch to a new career in fitness and health, it may be daunting to navigate the field as a new grad. Externships are a great way to kickstart your career and prepare you for any challenges you may face.

An externship is a short-term placement that provides hands-on learning experience for a given field. For fitness and health training, these often take place in a gym or fitness facility, and can be either paid or unpaid. 

Ideally, your health and fitness program will offer externships as part of the curriculum just as ours does, placing students at facilities in the area with highly applicable programs. During your externship, you should expect to learn first-hand the details of the job from certified professionals in your new field.

Read on for a more detailed breakdown of the benefits of completing an externship.

Gain Invaluable Experience in Your Field Through an Externship Placement

You may have aced your exams and passed your certification with flying colours. However, your lessons can only prepare you so much for life outside of your program. It is necessary to take your skills learned in the classroom and apply them to real life situations in order to master your knowledge and abilities. 

An externship offered alongside fitness and health training will help you develop your coaching style as you are able to participate in training sessions, consultations, and program development. Working alongside experienced fitness professionals allows you to find mentorship and guidance as you start out your career.

You’ll also get to experience different styles of training while gaining exposure to a variety of populations as you start to take on clients of all ages and experience levels. Externships provide a high level of support as you continue to experience new situations on the job, catering to an environment fostering the growth of the extern.

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Experience a wide range of training styles with hands on experience in an externship

Increase Your Likelihood of Landing a Job After Fitness and Health School

Building your resume as a newly certified professional is challenging after a career change. One major benefit of an externship is the time spent in person at a training facility, which will probably have a similar setting as the jobs you’ll be applying for. Having this experience after graduating with your certificate from fitness and health school will ensure your resume stands out to employers. 

Another reward for completing an externship is the relationships you build during your time spent on the floor with both coworkers and clients. You will be able to form extensive relationships with gym owners, other experienced trainers, and potential future clients. The connections you make during these hours can be extremely influential on your career, showcasing your professionalism and dedication to your work.

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Add valuable experience to your resume when you complete an externship to stand out from the crowd

Boost Your Confidence in Your New Career

It’s important as a new fitness and health professional to find your voice as a leader in the field. Confidence is a key component for a successful career, and practicing your interactions with other professionals, clients, and prospects will prepare you for your new role. 

The more you immerse yourself in an environment, the more comfortable you will feel. Externships let you get involved, give you the support you need to improve, and provide further education so you can feel like an expert in the health and fitness field. Putting to work the knowledge you acquired in your program along with the experience you gained in your externship will boost your confidence, preparing you to comfortably take on your own clients and responsibilities. 

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