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Interview Prep Tips for Grads of Medical Office Administration School

April 29, 2021

Medical Office Administrators are essential members of a healthcare organization’s team. They keep operations running smoothly by managing patient health information, records and data, scheduling appointments, handling financial matters, stocking necessary medical equipment, communicating with patients and team members, and other crucial tasks. Medical Office Administrators have expert knowledge of all aspects of a medical office, and these professionals are typically organized, efficient, caring, and attentive. 

If a career in medical office administration sounds right for you, you’ll need to prepare for a job interview after completing your training. Here’s what to expect when interviewing for a medical office administration position. 

After Medical Office Administration School, Expect Questions About Your Background

When interviewing for a medical office administration role, your potential employer may ask you about your background and professional development experiences. This helps them to assess your qualifications for the position and determine whether you are capable of completing the job at hand.

If you’ve completed medical office administration school at Medix College, you’ll want to reference the hands-on training you received to prepare you for your future career. At Medix, you’ll learn how to utilize medical databases, manage patient data, follow medical office procedures, conduct billing services, and more. You’ll also gain familiarity with medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic testing, aseptic techniques, and taking vital signs. During an interview, highlight your training to show a potential employer that you have the skills necessary to excel in a medical office administration role.

During an interview, highlight your experience by describing your medical office administration training

Prepare for Questions About Your Organizational Skills

Medical office administrators are highly organized, balancing a variety of important duties and responsibilities throughout a typical day. They may be confronted with tight deadlines and policy updates, but a good office administrator will be able to cope with stressful situations with a calm and competent attitude, while acting as a leader and a team player. 

During an interview, you may be asked about how you will prioritize your responsibilities, your time management skills, or your organizational capabilities. When answering questions like these, it’s important to show a potential employer that you are capable of juggling many tasks, while putting time-sensitive duties first. Additionally, be prepared to describe the system you will use to organize the information you’ll be responsible for.  If your interviewer knows that you are an organized candidate, they’ll be more likely to consider you for the role. 

You May Be Asked About Your Communication Skills

Medical office administrators must have excellent communication skills in order to succeed. Not only do these professionals work with a team of healthcare workers, but they also communicate with patients both verbally and in writing throughout the day. An interviewer will want to know that a candidate is capable of interacting with others with professionalism, a helpful attitude, and attentiveness. 

After medical office administration training, communication skills will be essential in your career

Before interviewing for a position as a medical office administrator, come prepared to describe how you’ll interact with patients and coworkers, and how you will handle challenging situations when they arise. In order to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively, you can also speak to the communication styles you’ve learned during your medical office administration training.

Your Future Employer Will Want to Know Why You Chose the Medical Office Administration Field

While your skills and experience will be important topics during an interview for a position as a medical office administrator, you may also be asked what makes you a good fit for the job in question. In order to answer this question, conduct research about the office of a potential employer before the interview and come prepared to explain how your skills, personality, and experience will be an asset to the workplace.

You may also be asked why you chose a career as a medical office administrator. When asking this question, an interviewer is attempting to understand whether you’re committed to and passionate about the work that you do. Highlight your dedication to this career path by sharing what personally inspires and excites you about the role of a medical office administrator. When your potential employer sees that you’re devoted to this role, they’ll know that you can be trusted to be a medical office administrator who takes their responsibilities seriously. 

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