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In Fitness and Health Training? How to Get Clients Moving This Summer

June 20, 2022

fitness and health training

As the summertime approaches, people are looking for a way to get back in shape after a sedentary winter. As someone preparing for a career in fitness and health, you may find yourself helping clients to find ways to workout, without it feeling like a chore. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get fit, with plenty of chances to partake in sports, games and other activities under the sun. For your clients who are hesitant to resume their fitness journey, there are a few ways you can help them to stay motivated. Below, discover five different summer activities you can introduce to your clients so they can keep moving this summer. 

Have Your Clients Start Swimming After Fitness and Health School

Whether your clients are experienced or beginners, swimming is a great way to exercise in the summer. Especially for those who hate sweating, swimming is a great activity because your clients won’t feel the sweat on their skin while they’re in the water. As you may have learned about in fitness and health training, this activity comes with many other benefits, such as alleviating joint or knee pain. Swimming removes stress from the joints, as the buoyancy from the water supports a swimmer’s body weight.  such as helping clients that have sensitive knee or joint pain. If your client suffers from knee sensitivity, suggest they swim frequently, as muscles will form around their knee to create more joint support. 

fitness and health school
Swimming is a great physical activity to do in the summer, either indoors or outdoors

Hiking with the Dog or Family and Friends

If your client enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as outside, you might suggest that they go hiking. Whether it’s flat trails or even a mountain, everyone will be able to enjoy each other’s company while getting a good workout in. They might even consider bringing a picnic to enjoy during the hike. Especially for clients with dogs, hiking is a great plan, killing two birds with one stone as both them and their dog have the chance to exercise. 

Practice your Mobility with Paddle Boarding

Whether your client is flexible or not, mobility is important to work on. During fitness and health courses, you may have learned about mobility as the way joints move inside their socket. With improved mobility, your clients can move more freely, increase their blood flow, and reduce stiffness in their bodies. Paddle boarding is a great activity for improved mobility, allowing clients to gain core strength and balance while reducing back pain.

Enjoy the Beach While Participating in a Beach Volleyball Game

Is your client looking to partake in a bit of competition while exercising? Why not suggest they join a beach volleyball league or team, allowing them to release some competitive energy while staying active. Playing volleyball indoors versus on the beach can add a challenge since playing on the beach tends to be more physically demanding than its indoor counterpart. From playing beach volleyball, your client can expect to have leaner and stronger legs, as well as leaner arms and a stronger core. 

fitness and health courses
Beach volleyball is a fun way to get your clients moving after fitness and health training

Train your Mental Health with a Meditation or Yoga Practice

Physical fitness isn’t only about improving cardio or gaining muscle but also feeling better mentally. Meditation is a great mental exercise and addition to a balanced fitness program. It has been proven to reduce stress, helping clients to partake in activities they enjoy. When you feel good mentally, it’s easier to get motivated to work out, which is why introducing meditation may increase the likelihood that clients get moving this summer. Meditation is a great way to balance out the stress from physical activity on the body while reducing chronic pain, heart disease and high blood pressure.

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