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How You Could Help People Stay Active at Home After Fitness and Health Courses

July 17, 2020

Earlier this year, COVID-19 caused gyms to shut their doors. Exercise classes and team sports were cancelled or postponed in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through person-to-person contact. 

Exercise is incredibly important for both our mental and physical health. However, lockdown forced many people to live sedentary lives without their daily commute, morning swim, or evening soccer game. 

In order to encourage people to continue to live healthy and active lives throughout quarantine, fitness and health professionals across the country have been working hard to help people stay in shape from a distance. 

Read on to find out some of the ways you could help people to get fit from home after graduating from a fitness and health program at Medix College. 

Teach Bodyweight Exercises After Fitness and Health Schools 

One of the main benefits of working out in a gym is that you have access to different weights and machines. It can be difficult for people to adapt to exercising at home if their normal routine includes kettlebells, a rowing machine, a leg press, and more. 

After completing fitness and health courses, you could help people to improve their at-home workouts using bodyweight exercises. Movements such as planking, burpees, or mountain climbers are very effective and don’t require any extra equipment. 

Bodyweight exercises like burpees don’t require equipment

Another solution is to encourage your clients to find makeshift weights in their homes. They could use a bag of flour or a heavy rucksack filled with books. Similarly, you could use a chair to perform press-ups or tricep dips. Whilst it might not look professional, the results will speak for themselves.

Use Technology to Your Advantage 

The use of technology in the fitness sector was advancing rapidly even before the quarantine. Stats show that the digital fitness industry is generating more and more revenue each year. 

Digital channels like social media are a great way to connect with audiences and enhance your fitness and health training. You could provide livestream workouts on Instagram, share prerecorded home workouts on Youtube, or even personal training sessions via Zoom. 

You could teach virtual classes using video call software

Find a Home Workout Space to Teach

You and your clients will need to find a suitable space to exercise while at home. If you are going to be teaching live classes, you will need to make sure that you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that there is bright, natural lighting so that your students can see you, as well as some ventilation for more intense workouts! 

Keep it Short and Simple 

People tend to have shorter attention spans when looking at a screen in comparison to being face-to-face with a teacher or instructor. This means that you might need to shorten your classes or personal training sessions. Try to replace hour-long classes with multiple 15 or 30-minute sessions. 

Another challenge is teaching complicated movements without being there physically. Try to simplify your workouts at first so that they are easy for people to follow while adjusting to a new online format and exercising from home. You can then make them more advanced as you and your students become more comfortable.

Don’t Forgot to Warm Up and Cool Down

You would never allow a client to miss a warm-up or cool down if you were teaching in person – so don’t miss it during a home workout! Warming up before a workout allows people to slowly build up their body temperature and cardiovascular rate. This is especially important for clients that might have been sitting down all day before starting a home workout. 

As well as this, properly cooling down and stretching after a workout can help to avoid muscle soreness the next day, and can also improve joint movement and flexibility. 

Do you want to help people stay active after fitness and health school?

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