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How Medical Office Administration Training Can Give You Greater Job Satisfaction

January 15, 2021

medical office administration training

Do you have a knack for helping people in need? A job as a medical administrator can be the perfect fit for someone who is both compassionate and organized, and who wants to make a real difference in other people’s lives. Medical office administrators are an important part of the healthcare industry, making sure that things run smoothly for everyone. 

Medical office administrators provide valuable services by relying on their knowledge of various medical terms and procedures, as well as on their skills in managing specific applications and software. Working in the healthcare industry as a medical office administrator can lead to a rewarding career. 

Here’s a quick look at what being a medical office administrator is all about. 

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Role

Ensuring that a medical facility is running smoothly requires a focused mindset. To do their job, medical office administrators must work towards completing various tasks and responsibilities—including both administrative duties, as well as direct patient interaction. As medical office administrators can be the patient’s first point of contact, they can help ensure that the person’s experience is a pleasant and comfortable one.

As a medical office administrator, you can expect to: maintain databases, track medical records and charts, transfer lab results to technicians, and order medical supplies–among other responsibilities. Going to a medical office administration school can prepare you for this role, teaching you how to use necessary software while providing you with hands-on practical experience. When reflecting back on her studies, Marva said, “After my program at Medix, I went to an internship. Because I was prepared, because I was trained on my internship, I got hired there.” Marva now works as a medical office administrator, helping make a difference in people’s lives.   

medical office administration school
Medical office administrators can provide patients with a pleasant and comfortable experience

Various Skills Acquired in Training Can Help Pave the Way to a Rewarding Career

As they work in a fast-paced environment, medical office administrators strongly benefit from having great interpersonal skills and quick decision-making abilities. Being organized and knowing how to communicate well can make the job easier–particularly as you process billing information, collect patient data, and manage medical databases. Your medical office administrator training will also include a foundation in the following: anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, CPR, diagnostic testing, and patient preparation. 

These many skills will help you to fulfill the duties and tasks of your role and make a real impact in people’s lives. Research shows that behavioural and emotional compassion is linked to our well-being, happiness, and health. In this way, working as a medical office administrator can positively affect your life. 

medical office administration course
Applying skills in the daily tasks of a medical office administrator can lead to a rewarding career

Choosing a Good Medical Office Administration School Can Help You Succeed

Choosing a good school is an essential step in starting a successful career as a medical office administrator. The best schools will offer students an in-depth understanding of key concepts as well as hands-on experience in the field—allowing students to practice the skills they’ve learned in class while offering a solid network of potential employers to kick-start their career. 

Medix College requires students to complete a 240-hour off-site externship placement. Students can also access Medix College’s extensive network of health industry professionals, giving trainees a unique advantage in the hiring process. Medix graduate Christina (now a medical office administrator) says that, “Medix is the start of the new me. It is the hope that I wanted to hold on, and it’s the partner that will soar with me in the world of healthcare.” 

As Christina experienced, a good school can help you make a bigger difference in the world by equipping you with what you need to succeed—leading to greater job satisfaction.  

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