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Could Blockchain Revolutionize Careers for Pros With Pharmacy Assistant Training?

November 27, 2020

There is a vast network of manufacturers, suppliers, regulatory agencies, and players that make up the pharmaceutical supply chain. Pharmacies are on the other end of this spectrum, receiving and tracking shipments of treatments and therapies which are then distributed to clients. They are also responsible for indicating the amount of a treatment they’re distributing and to whom, and updating inventory records and client medical records accordingly. 

All of the regulations that pharmacies must follow while keeping track of treatments and supplies contributes to accountability across the medical supply chain, and ensures that drugs aren’t getting lost or going missing. As it turns out, blockchain technology could provide a platform to improve how pharmacies operate. Read on to find out how.

Those With Pharmacy Assistant Training Might Want to Know About Issues With the Medical Supply Chain

The medical supply chain network has its fair share of problems. Products are often distributed through global supply chains, passing through many different borders and regulatory bodies along the way. Documentation is often manual, and information is stored in various locations. This makes products susceptible to theft and other problems, and the lack of a uniform system for tracking drugs and other medical supplies can cause greater issues. Those with pharmacy assistant training might already be familiar with some of the frustrations commonly experienced with discrepancies along the pharmaceutical supply chain, but what they might not know is that these problems could potentially be resolved. How? With blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology could make the pharmaceutical supply chain more effective, accurate, and secure

Blockchain Technology: What Is It?

Blockchain technology can be a confusing concept. Try thinking of it this way: a decentralized, digital platform allowing for the recording of economic transactions between multiple stakeholders. Among a user network, such as the pharmaceutical network’s stakeholders, the platform provides access to stored data and information from any location. Transactions are also transparent and verifiable. Businesses are already using blockchain technology for tasks like tracking supplies, improving customer support, and payment tracking. Because of the security blockchain can provide to transactions, it can improve any kind of network that depends on the reliability of supply chains. 

Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize the Pharmaceutical Industry

As those in pharmacy assistant school might know, the pharmaceutical industry depends on accountability and accuracy every step of the way—from the sharing of data to the storing of client records to the tracking of treatments from manufacturer to client. The pharmaceutical industry needs to verify drugs and correctly track and trace them to the various facilities they are shipped to. Blockchain can make this easier by allowing manufacturers to comply with regulations, and reduce errors by storing and facilitating transactions within a traceable digital platform. In turn, pharmacies will benefit from increased accountability and the ability to view client medication history, as well as record any changes or updates, within this platform. This eliminates risks and ensures that treatments are going to the right places, while all information and updates are stored securely within the platform, which can be accessed by all verified users. 

While blockchain technology’s integration with the pharmaceutical industry still has a long way to go, as it would require a change in industry standards and for all users to adopt the compatible systems, its potential to make treatment distribution more effective and secure is exciting for the industry’s future.

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