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3 Skills Seen Among top Graduates of Pharmacy Assistant School

February 08, 2019

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Pharmacy assistants are an important part of a pharmacy’s healthcare team. They work under the direct supervision of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician to provide valuable services to their community, and may be tasked with certain responsibilities including filing information, ordering and receiving deliveries, and handling paperwork. They may even manage some customer-facing aspects such as answering phone calls or greeting customers as they approach the counter.

If you’re interested in working as a pharmacy assistant, read on to find out what skills can take you to the top of the class, and help you start your career off strongly.

1. Organization Is an Important Factor in Pharmacy Assistant School
Being organized can often be more of a mindset than a skill, but it gives you a valuable advantage whether you’re in the classroom or behind the pharmacy counter.

Organization helps students stay at the top of their pharmacy assistant course because it helps keep them prepared, whether that means having their coursework finished before a deadline or keeping their notes in good order before a test. A pharmacy is a fast-paced work environment, and being
organized during school helps students better transition into the responsibilities of their new career as they carry their good habits into the workplace.

Organization is a skill that can help you both in class and in your future pharmacy career

2. Paying Attention to Detail Helps Future Pharmacy Assistants Succeed
If you’re good at spotting small details, or enjoy taking the time to make sure that a task is well done, your skills could shine during and after pharmacy assistant training. A sharp eye for detail helps students perform well during pharmacy assistant training because it allows them to spot mistakes early and correct errors on homework or exams.

Paying attention to detail closely in pharmacy school helps students improve their performance in their coursework, and also becomes a valuable skill they can use throughout their future career. Assisting with the daily activities at a pharmacy means you may often be checking inventory, filing existing orders and client information, and assisting with many other tasks under the supervision of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. A good eye for detail can help you avoid mistakes and ensure that work is carried out smoothly.

3. Top Pharmacy Students Have Good Communication Skills
If you love meeting new people and enjoy communicating with others, that skillset could be a true asset once you become a pharmacy assistant. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively can even help you long before your career begins. Good communication skills allow students to express their ideas, talk with their classmates or teachers, and actively participate during class discussions. It also benefits them during their practicum experience, because it can help them feel comfortable asking questions and building up their network.

Pharmacy assistants work closely with their supervising pharmacist and colleagues, and communication is a key aspect of keeping everyone up to date and informed. Whether they are talking to coworkers or customers, students who have practiced good communication skills in school have an advantage because they know how to express themselves clearly in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend.

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