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Organization and Preparation: 3 Tips for Dental Office Administrator Career Success

February 01, 2019

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For dental office administrators, organization and preparation skills aren’t just nice to have, they’re essential. Dental office administrators need excellent organization skills to perform tasks like records management, scheduling, and billing. That’s why if you want to succeed as a dental office administrator, you can benefit from learning how to take your organization and preparation skills up to the next level.

Here are three tips to do just that!

1. Keep Your Workspace Organized, Even in Dental Administration School
A clean workspace will go a long way towards making sure everything else in your working life is organized. When you leave a patient’s file on an already cluttered desk, for example, it is more likely to get lost. That means you’ll end up wasting time trying to find the missing file, or make a mistake on the job. Since your workspace may be viewable to patients, a messy desk also reflects poorly on the entire dental office.

Keep your desk clean and organized by getting into the habit of putting things away as soon as you’re done with them. Ensure everything has a place where it is stored and keep items that you are most likely to need on shelves that are within easy reach. You don’t have to wait until you are actually working as a dental administrator to start de-cluttering your desk. Instead, use dental administration school as an opportunity to get yourself into the habit of maintaining a clean workspace now.

Minimizing clutter in your workspace will help improve efficiency

2. Create Habits to Make Sure Daily Administrative Tasks Get Taken Care of
Speaking of habits, you can use them to maximize your job performance in the dental office. That’s because dental office administrators have a number of tasks that need to be repeated every day. For example, preparing and managing bank deposits and sending out reminder phone calls to patients are daily tasks at most dental offices. If you know something needs to be repeated every day, set aside a specific time that is exclusively for that task. By doing a task at the same time each day, you turn that task into a habit. As a result, you’ll no longer be trying to remember which tasks have or haven’t been done—you’ll already know because you’ll have done them habitually at certain times.

3. Use Software to Help You Stay on Top of Dental Office Administration Tasks
Dental offices are becoming increasingly digitalized and most offices now rely on software to perform some tasks that were previously done manually. Software can really help you stay organized when you become a dental administrator. For example, it can be used to schedule appointments, create invoices, and to automatically send out reminders when a patient is due for a follow-up. These features can save a lot of time and allow you to focus on other tasks. You’ll learn about some of the software that dental offices expect administrators to know in dental office administration courses. Make sure you pay careful attention when learning about software in these courses so you can take full advantage of their capabilities when you are on the job.

Software helps dental office administrators stay on top of scheduling, invoicing, and other tasks

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