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How Dental Administration Training Can Open the Door to a Rewarding Career

December 14, 2018

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Dental administration training can be your ticket to a stable and rewarding career working in a dental office, often as a dental administrator, dental office assistant, dental secretary, or dental billing specialist. Training as a dental administrator provides you with the many skills needed to excel in this career path.

If you’ve ever wondered what skills you can learn during dental administration training—and how those skills can make you more attractive to employers—read on to find out.

You’ll Have the Dental Software Skills That Are in Demand by Employers
Dental administrative work entails a lot of time spent on computers, but if you’re not especially tech savvy, don’t worry! A quality dental administration program will include course work to introduce you to basic computer skills, including how to use the internet and word processors. You will also learn how to use the various software applications that dental offices utilize for scheduling, records management, and other vital tasks. Proficiency with dental software is something that dental offices expect and having this skillset will make you a far more attractive candidate to employers. dental admin behind their desk
Your dental administration program will teach you the software that is often used in dental offices

Dental Administration Training Includes Effective Communication Training
Dental administrators are the public face and voice of a dental office. They are usually the first person a client talks to when they arrive and the last one they see when they leave. Dental administrators also typically schedule appointments and conduct follow-up phone calls. It’s for this reason that learning effective communication skills is an essential element of your dental administration training.

Dental Administration Training Will Cover the Fundamentals of Dentistry
Dental offices don’t expect their administrators to know everything about dentistry (that, of course, is for the dentist to know!), but they do expect administrators to understand dental fundamentals. A quality dental administration program will cover those fundamentals, like tooth morphology, oral cavities, occlusion, and tooth structure.

Understanding the basic terminology of dentistry is important precisely because administrators communicate with dentists and clients regularly. They will expect you to have at least a basic grasp of the procedures and terminology being used. Your ability to comprehend dental fundamentals not only reflects well on you, but on the entire dental office—which is precisely why employers will be on the lookout for administrators who have this knowledge.

An Externship Will Give You Valuable, Real-World Experience
While excelling in your classes is important, employers highly value candidates who also have real-world experience. Your dental administration training will include an externship placement where you’ll be able to apply the knowledge you learned in your courses in an actual dental office. An externship also gives you the opportunity to learn new skills that can only be acquired through direct, hands-on learning. Showing employers that you have practical experience will reassure them that you are ready to start your new job from day one.

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