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5 Reasons to Consider Enrolling in Community Service Worker College

October 01, 2020

Community Support Worker training Community service worker (CSW) programs, such as the one offered at Medix College, are a great option for those looking for an accessible and fulfilling career with a lot of variety. 

If you’re feeling unsure about what direction you want your career to take, it could be a great option for you. What are some things that set it apart? Read on to find out why choosing a career in community service work is a smart decision. 

It Allows You to Make a Difference

Community service work is focused on supporting individuals and families with the appropriate resources they need to improve their current situations and environments. As a community service worker, you are continually making a difference in the lives of people by applying fitting solutions to the problems they face and creating change. This work is needed now more than ever so that societal issues and those affected by them can be addressed with holistic and humanistic strategies for problem solving, recovery, and healing. 

CSW courses in Ontario
Community service workers strengthen communities by providing resources and solutions

Community Service Workers Are Needed

Choosing to become a community service worker doesn’t just mean making a difference in your community. It also means being part of important change that governments are increasingly investing in. In Ontario, government funding is increasingly put toward social initiatives requiring greater numbers of community service workers with different specializations. Funding for long-term strategies addressing homelessness, mental health and addictions, and indigenous communities is creating sustained demand for community service workers. 

Community Service Worker Courses Allow You to Gain Experience During School

Making a career change can be an intimidating experience. Fortunately, good programs provide plenty of hands-on training, helping to make the transition a smoother one. Medix College’s CSW program, for example, allows for technical, hands-on training for students in their community service worker courses. Students will be able to practice with both families and individuals. They will gain experience by working with people of different ages and backgrounds, preparing students with knowledge to respond to an array of social emotional issues.

CSW Training Qualifies You for a Variety of Jobs

Upon completion of community service worker college, graduates are qualified for a range of jobs within different agencies and facilities. CSWs can work in both public and private school boards, residential facilities, adult and youth group homes, addiction treatment centres, community shelters, advocacy and counselling centres, and immigration/settlement services. 

CSWs might perform a variety of tasks within these sectors, such as interviewing or counselling clients, intervening in crisis situations, providing assistance to social workers, reporting with statistical data and case reports, and providing support and advocacy services to individuals and families. 

Community Service Worker Colleges Offer Convenient Options

For those hesitant to enroll in a community service worker program due to financial or schedule constraints, Medix College offers a range of options to make training accessible to those who are interested. With locations all over Southern Ontario, you’ll never have to travel far to attend class, and with programs of a reasonably short duration, students with commitments at home and at work can rest assured that they’ll have time to attend school without sacrificing their other obligations. 

With small class sizes and group work, as well as many student services which offer individualized attention and guidance, Medix College’s program ensures you have what you need to succeed–while offering a range of financial aid options and payment plans for those who might not think they’re able to afford it. 

Think community service worker school might be right for you? 

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