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5 Key Skills to Build During Pharmacy Assistant Training

November 05, 2021

pharmacy assistant training

If you’re a caring and compassionate individual with great people skills, then a career as a pharmacy assistant could be the perfect route for you. A diploma in this field will not only prepare you to perform many vital tasks as you work alongside a registered pharmacist, but it will also prepare you with the skills you need to manage your money and build a stable financial future.

Throughout the program you’ll dive into the history and inner workings of pharmacy in relation to provincial and federal legislation. You will also receive first-hand experience with prescription management through a well-equipped pharmacy lab. Ultimately, pharmacy assistants play an important role as part of a healthcare team working to best serve its community. Read on to learn the five key skills you’ll want to develop during your training.

1. Master Professional Communication Skills for Both Written and Oral Communication

As an integral part of the healthcare team, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively across different mediums, both written and oral, to ensure the efficient delivery of important information. Communication is important when dealing with customers, but also with other healthcare professionals. Practicing good phone etiquette and excellent interpersonal skills will help you communicate clearly while maintaining compassion for the individual.

pharmacy assistant course
Professional communication with your colleagues and customers will help you succeed as a pharmacy assistant

2. Learn to Prioritize Tasks to Maintain Optimal Organization

A pharmacy often operates as a fast-paced environment, requiring keen attention to detail and high levels of organization. Learning how to prioritize the tasks that are most important and most time sensitive will help you establish a workflow that keeps everything in order. Other areas of organization to keep track of for a seamless operation are shelf stocking, data upkeep, and bottle labeling.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service After Your Pharmacy Assistant Course

After your pharmacy assistant course, you will be qualified to work in various types of pharmacies, providing services to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Remembering to serve each patient with patience, compassion, and awareness will help you handle each person with care. An employer will be thrilled to know that you are able to maintain a professional attitude while building customer relationships.

pharmacy assistant diploma in Ontario
Excellent customer service skills are necessary to operate as a pharmacy assistant

4. Become a Keen Problem Solver While on the Job

Problem-solving will be at the forefront of your position following your pharmacy assistant training. You’ll want to be able to get creative when it comes to serving the customer, your colleagues, and other parties. Being able to address and solve any unforeseen conflicts that arise is dependent upon maintaining a relaxed and calm, yet confident demeanor. 

5. Operate Pharmacy Computer Software with Ease

Pharmacies operate using computers and computer software to store patient information, file insurance claims, and track pill counts. As a pharmacy assistant, you’ll have valuable experience from your training that will allow you to utilize computer software for entering prescriptions, printing labels, maintaining a patient’s profile, and more. Learning to seamlessly operate pharmacy computer systems will help set you up to be able to work in a number of offices in your area.

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