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4 Tips on Dressing Professionally after MOA Training

November 07, 2019

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As a medical office administrator (MOA) you might be the first person that clients meet at a clinic or medical facility. This means that you are a representative of the company or facility and it is important to give a good first impression. In addition to acting professionally, MOAs also have to look professional. Your potential employers will want their clients to feel comfortable interacting with you and the way you dress may affect their experience.

There might be differences in the kinds of outfits you will wear every day versus for an interview, but either way it will be necessary to look professional and polished.

1. Follow Company Guidelines

There may be formal rules about what you can and cannot wear in a workplace, especially within medical offices. Depending on the type of medical office you work in, you may need to consider your contact with people with medical conditions, or your contact with colleagues and doctors who are in close contact with clients with medical conditions. This may change the types of outfits you wear. The best practice, in this case, is to ask your employer for the dress code.

Follow company guidelines when choosing clothes for work
Follow company guidelines when choosing clothes for work

2. Dressing Up Is Better Than Dressing Down

If in doubt after you have finished MOA training, remember that it is safer to be more formal than less formal. For example, when you go to a job interview, maybe you already know that the office dress code lets employees wear dark jeans, or has a “casual day” each week. That will be good to know if you get the job, but for the interview it will be better to wear slacks and a button-up shirt, or a dress, or a skirt with a blouse and a blazer. It is also worth noting that many employers still consider tights or hosiery to be a requirement with dresses or skirts.

3. Tips for Warmer Weather

After you complete you medical office administration course, you might be interested in ideas for how to dress professionally when it’s hot outside. Unfortunately, it’s almost the same as when it’s cold. The strategies that may help keep you cool, whether you are going for an interview, or it’s just a regular work day start with finding the right material. Look for lightweight and natural materials like cotton, silk, or linen. These are good all year round because they are breathable, but the weight of the material will make a big difference. If you are dressing for an interview, give yourself extra time so you can freshen up in the bathroom when you arrive and carry your blazer so you can put it on at the last minute.

When you go shopping tell retail staff you’re looking for an office-appropriate outfit
When you go shopping tell retail staff you’re looking for an office-appropriate outfit

4. Your Best Accessory Is Your MOA Training

The addition of accessories or other stylistic elements to your clothing may change from when you have an interview to when you are going to work every day, but it is worth considering the effects of adding “showy” elements to your look. In an interview, you may want to show personality with a bright colour, or flashy pattern. Unfortunately, these kinds of outfits or large accessory pieces may distract an interviewer from your excellent qualifications that you worked so hard to obtain. Sticking with a safe and professional look is often the best choice. At the end of the day, your MOA training is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

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