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4 Tips for Leading Group Exercise Courses After Fitness and Health Training

February 18, 2022

As an aspiring fitness instructor, you’ll be eager to start your career and inspire others around you to pursue a healthy lifestyle. People will come to you for guidance and encouragement on how to work out, eat properly and reach their personal fitness goals. As a new health and fitness instructor, it’s important that you feel comfortable advising clients in various settings and through different programs–including in group exercise courses. 

At Medix College, we provide you with hands-on training to help you become a highly qualified personal trainer and health coach. Our program informs your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of different body systems, exercise prescription, fitness assessment, nutrition and more. With the right knowledge and experience, you’ll be ready to lead group exercise courses from the get-go. Below, discover the four tips on leading group exercises!

1. Pay Attention to Individuals in Your Group After Fitness and Health Training

Leading group exercises is about more than just letting people follow your lead in a group setting. It is about paying attention to the safety of each and every one of your clients. This is particularly important in a group setting, where you have multiple clients to look out for. 

Ensuring that there’s enough space between each client can help to avoid any accidents during exercise routines. At the same time, you should ensure that all clients know how to use the relevant workout equipment. As a qualified instructor with fitness and health training under your belt, you’ll have to monitor each client’s form to avoid any sort of injuries from occurring. By monitoring each client’s positioning while they’re using free weights and performing resistance exercises, you can prevent individuals in your group from placing excessive stress on their bodies.

After fitness and health training, monitor each client’s form during training

2. Shake Things Up From Time to Time

Keeping a consistent routine with your exercise courses isn’t a bad thing, since you’ll ensure that your clients get to grips with the workout. However, consistency with little variation can often lead your clients to lose interest in attending your exercise classes if they don’t feel fully engaged. After fitness and health courses, take the time to shake things up during your exercise classes to help engage your clients and keep the momentum high in class. Look into focusing on various exercises or drills each day that keep the body pumping. For example, you can opt to focus one day on a kickboxing session, another on a bodyweight cardio session and another on a weight training session.

3. It’s Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

As a fitness instructor, you should invest time in understanding every client’s abilities and goals. Your clients may have similar goals in your group training sessions, but every individual is different in the way they learn or in the way they’re motivated. Your exercise routines and your methods of teaching shouldn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Some of your clients may need you to provide them with that extra push to give it they’re all in training. Others may need to take things at a slower pace with more encouragement. Knowing your clients will allow you to tailor your approach to the individual and create a personalized experience in your group classes. 

Pay attention to the needs of individual clients in group exercise training

4. Build a Strong Connection With Your Clients

As a fitness instructor, it’s important to build strong connections with your clients. Clients will want your honest advice on their progress and your assurance that they’re on the right path. They may have concerns or questions regarding their exercise routine, their physical condition or their nutritional needs. Take the time after each group session to meet with individual clients and connect with them on a personal level. When you invest time and energy in understanding your clients, you’ll establish trust and build more productive relationships with them. With the right approach, they’ll be ready to place their confidence in you to lead them towards their fitness and health goals.

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