Putting Your New Skills to Work: The Power of Hands-on Learning in Healthcare School

September 15, 2017

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If you’re exploring enrolling in a healthcare training program, you may have come across the terms ‘hands-on learning,’ ‘experiential learning,’ or ‘learning by doing’ during your research into colleges. All these terms are used to describe the process of gaining knowledge by practicing skills in a practical setting, engaging in discussion, and trying out theories, instead of learning solely through textbooks and lectures. Programs with hands-on learning opportunities can make all the difference in your success, helping you to take your knowledge to the next level, get comfortable with your new skill set, and more.

If you’re in the process of choosing where to complete your healthcare training, make sure to select a program with an emphasis on hands-on learning, so you can reap the following benefits.

Learning in a Hands-on Environment Will Help You Retain Information Faster at Healthcare School

While learning theory and concepts is important for success after healthcare school, having the opportunity to take the concepts you learn out for a test drive is essential. Applying your knowledge will help you retain key information more effectively. In addition, you’ll learn new concepts more quickly than if you had just read them in a textbook.

recent study looked at what happened when students were given the opportunity to apply what they learned in a hands-on environment. The results were impressive. Students who participated in hands-on activities related to their area of study increased their likelihood of graduating from 71 to 94 per cent, demonstrating how applying skills in a hands-on environment enhances learning and success.

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Learning by doing helps to improve the retention of important information for success

Hands-on Learning Will Help You Feel More Confident When Graduating from Healthcare School

A common concern for many students is whether their program will help them make a smooth transition from college to their new career. It’s not uncommon for students to worry about whether they’ll be fully prepared for the daily challenges of their chosen field. Fortunately, selecting a healthcare program with a focus on hands-on training can help curb this issue and make you feel more confident when starting your career after graduating.

For example, whether students are enrolled in the medical office administrator program, the pharmacy assistant course, or one of the many other options offered at Medix College, their studies will include a mandatory off-site externship. By having the opportunity to try out their skills in a real-world environment, students have a better idea of what to expect during their careers, and graduate feeling confident that they have what it takes to succeed.

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Learning in a hands-on environment will help you feel confident starting your new career

Learning by Doing Will Help You Stand Out When Applying for Work

Many of the top jobs that recent grads of healthcare college want to snag ask for relevant hands-on experience. Fortunately, all the experience you gain in the classroom practicing hands-on techniques will make a valuable addition to your resume. In addition, completing an externship will also give you essential hands-on experience, which can help make your resume shine. Combined, these opportunities will show employers you are a qualified candidate ready for the responsibilities of the role.

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