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3 Tips for Handling Customer Feedback After Pharmacy Assistant Training

March 04, 2022

Handling customer feedback is important for any business, including a pharmacy. Without acknowledging customer feedback, a pharmacy won’t know what direction to take in terms of its business operations or how to further improve customer service.

Read on to discover how you can handle customer feedback like a pro during your career as a pharmacy assistant!

1. Carefully Listen to Your Customers’ Feedback After Pharmacy Assistant Training

Listening is a major ingredient in customer service. When customers provide you with feedback, they’re going out of their way to provide you with valuable information that can help you and everyone else at the pharmacy conduct their business better. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, listening to your customers will help them feel appreciated and let them know that you value their time and input.

Actively listen to your customers’ feedback so that you really and truly understand their perspective. After completing your pharmacy assistant training, your ability to listen to clients will help you provide excellent customer service.

After your pharmacy assistant training, make sure that you carefully listen to customer feedback

2. Be Friendly and Welcoming When Interacting Face to Face With Customers

Just like listening, being friendly and welcoming is also vital for a pharmacy’s success. Without your welcoming and friendly demeanour, your customers won’t be willing to provide you with the kind of feedback that can help you with your career. Customers who feel uncomfortable and unappreciated won’t be as likely to provide you with their perspective.

After your pharmacy assistant course, you’ll get to interact with various customers throughout your career. Maintaining a friendly and welcoming attitude will show your customers that you care about their wellbeing and value their time. As a result, they may be more likely to approach you and voice their feedback and opinions.

Be friendly and welcoming when dealing with your customers face to face

3. Be as Courteous Over the Phone as You Are in Person

There will be occasions when customers call in to ask questions or to provide feedback about their customer experience with the pharmacy. Being as friendly and upbeat over the phone as you are in person will help you address their issues or concerns effectively. You’ll be able to show your customers that you care, demonstrating your high level of professionalism as a pharmacy assistant. When customers provide feedback about their prescription, for instance, don’t interrupt the conversation. Instead, wait, be courteous, and explain to them that you’ll pass them along to the pharmacist who can address the concerns and questions they may have about their medication.

When you attend Medix College to become a pharmacy assistant, you’ll get the opportunity to develop and improve your professionalism as well as your verbal and written communication skills. As a result, you’ll graduate feeling confident about your ability to launch a rewarding career interacting with customers on a regular basis.  

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