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3 Qualities You Should Have Before Enrolling in Pharmacy Assistant School

May 12, 2020

Pharmacy assistants are considered to be the glue that holds pharmacies together — and it’s easy to see why. As a pharmacy assistant, you’ll be working directly with a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, taking care of tasks such as filling prescriptions, maintaining prescription records, compounding medications, providing customer service to clients, labelling and packing pharmaceutical products, and numerous other responsibilities. 

Students in a pharmacy assistant program will not only learn how to perform tasks like these, but also get an opportunity to develop important skills to help them succeed in this profession. If a career in the healthcare field is one you want, a pharmacy assistant is a career that can move you forward, and especially if you have certain skills under your belt. Here are three qualities any pharmacy assistant student should have.

A Keen Eye for Detail is Vital After Pharmacy Assistant Training

Having a methodical nature with a strong emphasis on accuracy is an incredibly important quality to have in this industry. For one thing, you’ll have to understand the legal regulations relating to the pharmaceutical industry in your province. For another, you’ll need a solid understanding of medications and pharmacology, especially since you are often tasked with preparing and dispensing them, in addition to making sure medications and supplies are well-organized and in order. 

Attention to detail is important for tasks like organizing medication

Being a pharmacy assistant involves lots of numbers and technology, too, as you will need to prepare the billing information for medications, as well as generating lists and labels using various computer systems. In any case, having a detail-oriented nature will serve you well in this profession.

You’ll Also Need to Have a Passion for Helping Others

If you have worked in customer service prior to your pharmacy assistant training, you already have a leg up on students who have not. Above all else, you’ll need to have a strong passion for helping others, as your role as a pharmacy assistant is heavily customer-facing. In fact, pharmacy assistants are often the first person customers will speak to, and the person who can assist them with their prescriptions and answer their questions. 

Therefore, it’s essential that you understand how to interact with customers, and actively listen to them in order to give them the best possible advice. Above all, being a social animal and helping others with their pharmaceutical inquiries has to be something you enjoy!

You’ll need great communication skills to help inform and educate clients

Communication Skills are Also a Must in Order to Succeed

As we’ve mentioned, pharmacy assistants are often tasked with answering questions from clients. This is just one reason why communication skills are so important to have after pharmacy assistant school. Additionally, you’ll need to be able to explain instructions to clients clearly, and in terms they will understand. 

In any case, talking to clients either in person or on the phone, educating and informing them with regards to their medication, and liaising with pharmacists or doctors are all tasks that will test your ability to communicate with others.

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