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3 Reasons to Master Exercise Technique at Fitness and Health School

March 17, 2017

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Regular exercise can lead to improved cardiovascular health, better mood, and many other benefits, but that’s only when exercise is done correctly. Improper technique used during activities like weight training, running, and more can have adverse or diminished effects.

While studying to become a fitness and health professional, you will learn how to prescribe an exercise plan designed with the needs of your clients in mind. You’ll be ready to explain good exercise technique to your clients, and help ensure that they engage in physical activity in a healthy way. Here are some of the specific reasons why this is so important.

1. Mastering Technique at Fitness and Health School Can Help You Prevent Client Injury

Physical exercise puts stress on the body, encouraging it to strengthen muscles, increase in flexibility, or arrive at a number of other desired outcomes. It’s important, however, for the stress of the exercise to be applied to the intended muscles in the right way.

Improper technique can put stress on the wrong areas like other muscles or ligaments, or might put the wrong kind of stress on the targeted area. This can lead to tears, strains, and other injuries. Your training at fitness and health school will teach you how to explain proper technique to your clients. This will help you keep your clients safe as they work towards their health and fitness goals.

2. Learning Proper Form at Fitness and Health School Will Help You Coach Clients to Success

Many of your future clients will have specific fitness goals in mind. They might want to gain strength, improve their endurance, lose weight, or achieve another physical goal. By learning proper exercise technique, you can help clients achieve their goals more easily.

For example, if one of your clients wants to improve their strength, they might want to do bicep curls. Proper technique for this involves straight posture, which helps make the bicep do most of the work to curl the weight. If a person leans back while doing this exercise, though, their back muscles might do more of the work. This reduces the effectiveness of the exercise and could lead to the person feeling discouraged when they don’t achieve results as quickly as they would have liked.

You will get a lot of hands-on training during your fitness consultant courses, helping you understand how exercises should be done properly. Mastering these will let you teach clients the skills they’ll need to find success, whatever their athletic goal happens to be.

Student masters exercise technique by lifting weights
Proper technique will help make sure your clients get the most from exercise sessions

3. Mastering Exercise Technique Can Make You a Top Candidate During Your Job Search

Because of the benefits that good exercise technique can have in preventing injury and achieving fitness goals, many employers will want to ensure that the fitness professionals they hire have a good command of proper technique. By getting a great grasp of technique during your time at fitness and health school, you will gain the skills that employers need, and transform yourself into a very desirable candidate for hire.

A fitness trainer helps a client
Mastering good exercise techniques will make you a top candidate in the eyes of employers

In addition to learning about body systems, fitness assessment, exercise prescription, and more through classroom instruction, fitness students at Medix College complete an externship as part of their training. Completing this will help you put your training to work before you begin your career, allowing you to demonstrate your ability and gain valuable hands-on experience. Combined with the knowledge you will develop in your training, this can put you in a great position to begin a career as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and more!

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