About The Program

The Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker program is designed to teach students the necessary practical skills and theory to work with adolescents, children and families with challenging needs such as social, emotional, behavioral and mental health concerns. Students will identify the importance of collaborating with colleagues within their field including educators, medical and social worker professionals, correctional staff and community partners. Networking with these professionals will assist them when implementing appropriate prevention/intervention strategies that inspire change.

The Addictions Support modules explore the physical, emotional and social effects of alcohol, drugs and gambling, examine the process of addictions assessment and teach effective case management skills.

Employment Types

What career opportunities are available to graduates of the Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker Program?

  • Child and youth support worker
  • Addictions support worker
  • Addictions counsellor
  • Student assistant
  • Support worker
  • Youth coordinator
  • Community support worker
  • Family support worker


Employment Locations

Where do graduates of the Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker work?

  • Health centres
  • Treatment centres
  • Youth centres
  • Hospitals
  • Foster care programs
  • Correctional facilities


Common Job Tasks

What are common job tasks for individuals working in theĀ Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker field?

  • Supervise activities of clients living in group homes and half-way houses.
  • Implement substance abuse treatment programs.
  • Resolve conflict situations.
  • Implement behaviour management programs.
  • Report writing (assessments, follow-up, progress, court reports).
  • Evaluate counselling programs and interventions.