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Why Technology Skills Are Important for Those with Pharmacy Assistant Training

June 09, 2021

Today, technology shapes much of the modern world, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Advances in technology have fundamentally altered the workflows within many pharmacies, leading to improvements in both efficiency and the quality of care provided to patients. If you’re considering a career as a pharmacy assistant, you’ll be using technology to fulfill a number of duties and responsibilities. From entering prescriptions to managing inventory to updating patient profiles, your technology skills will be essential when it comes to doing your job efficiently. 

Read on to discover how technology is used in today’s pharmacies, and why it’s so important. 

After Pharmacy Assistant Training, You’ll Use Technology to Fill Prescriptions

Technology is taking the pharmaceutical industry by storm in the form of e-prescriptions. These types of prescriptions are electronically-filled forms which are digitally transmitted from the patient’s caregiver to the pharmacy. The use of e-prescriptions can prevent errors in the dispensing of medications, avoiding the confusion which often ensues when a healthcare provider writes a handwritten prescription that’s difficult to read. E-prescriptions also offer an easy way to access and update a patient’s prescription records and profile, ensuring that all information is verified and patients are receiving the correct dosage.

During your pharmacy assistant career, you’ll use technology to fill prescriptions

E-prescribing enables pharmacies to save both time and resources, and makes workflows more effective. Building technology skills during pharmacy assistant training will enable you to use e-prescription software to safely and accurately fill prescriptions, while ensuring that they are delivered into the right hands.

Patient Records Will Be Kept Digitally

As a pharmacy assistant, technology skills will also come in handy when it comes to using pharmaceutical software to update and maintain patient records. With advancements in technology, pharmacies are increasingly reliant on digitized versions of patient records stored using software. These digitized records contain accurate, up-to-date information pertaining to a patient’s history of prescribed medications. 

Pharmacies today benefit from the advantages of digitally managing patient profiles

During your pharmacy assistant career, the use of digital patient records will make it easier for you to maintain patient profiles. You’ll be able to quickly access their information, update it with any changes to their prescription, and determine how to handle billing based on the information in their file. Using digital records also prevents unnecessary communication between multiple parties, improving the efficiency of your workflow and giving you more time to assist customers.

With Barcode Identification, You’ll Use Technology to Track Inventory

After pharmacy assistant school, you’ll also be responsible for managing inventories of the medications your organization dispenses. Barcode identification technology is a pharmaceutical technology which will make it easier for you to accurately record the amounts of treatments and compounds you have in stock. Today’s pharmaceutical software enables pharmacies to create labels with barcodes containing information with the quantity and type of a drug. Pharmacists effectively use this software to track medications going in and out of the pharmacy, improving the accuracy of the pharmacy’s inventory management system.

When you choose a pharmacy assistant training program like that offered by Medix College, you’ll have the opportunity to build skills in the operation of pharmacy software and technology. With these skills, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to enter a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

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