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Why Oral Pathology Matters in a Dental Office Administrator Program

January 02, 2020

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Oral pathology is an important part of dental care. As an administrator and the backbone of a dental office, having a thorough understanding of all aspects of oral health will make you better at serving customers and working with your team. Because you will be handling files and paperwork, you need to understand what you’re looking at to interpret information.

Clients may also ask you questions, and when you have a basic understanding and can help them with their concerns, you not only soothe their worries but also represent the dental office better as a whole, showing competence, concern and professionalism. Read on for more about why oral pathology is a key part of your program!

Oral Pathology Explained for Dental Administrator Careers

Oral pathology is concerned with identifying and managing oral diseases and their causes. This also includes surrounding areas around the mouth, such as the jaw. Oral pathology screens for signs of these diseases, such as lumps, patches or sores. Oral exams are the most effective way to prevent and guard against these diseases, and oral pathology is a necessary part of recognizing dangerous signs and symptoms.

Though you won’t work directly with screening clients and assessing signs of oral disease, you will need to have an understanding of how it works for a dental administrator career. Since you are in many ways the glue that holds the office together, it’s important to be aware of different important aspects of the workplace.

Why Oral Pathology is Important to Keeping Clients Healthy

Clients’ habits can either encourage or discourage the occurrence of oral disease. Regular screening can help them change their lifestyle and choices to help them stay on or get on a healthy path. Activities like smoking or excessive drinking put clients at more risk of disease. In addition, personal and family medical history and age both play a role. Regularly being screened and given information protects clients. You will care about the people who receive dental care from your team and want them to have the best chance possible of staying healthy.

Smoking is a habit that can be discouraged by dental professionals for better oral health
Smoking is a habit that can be discouraged by dental professionals for better oral health

Clients may suffer from infections, herpes, salivary issues or cancer. These are problems that can often be prevented, but if they arise they require attention. Being able to catch diseases early in their progression is best for treatment, so oral pathology is a huge part of dental care and screening has an impact on clients’ overall health.

How Your Knowledge Will Calm Clients in a Dental Office Administrator Career

In your dental office administrator career, you will be a point person for clients to ask questions and voice their concerns. As the face of the office, you’ll be available to them when they are having trouble understanding their treatments or are anxious about something and want a little clarification. When you are informed in your position, you can better serve these clients.

Interactions with clients are just as important as the administrative skills you will learn in school. Having knowledge about dental care will build your self-confidence, as you’ll know that you can handle many questions that come your way. This confident attitude will help you relax and handle clients in a professional, calm and friendly manner. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing the effect you have on people in making their days a little bit brighter.


Your friendly and reassuring demeanour can make a big difference in a client’s day
Your friendly and reassuring demeanour can make a big difference in a client’s day

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