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Want to Make a Difference in the Lives of Patients? Consider Physiotherapy Assistant Training

October 07, 2022

Are you looking for a career that will allow you to pursue your passion for helping others? Physiotherapy involves planning and administering individualized treatments to optimize physical function and reduce pain in patients. A career in physiotherapy offers you both the opportunity to greatly improve the lives of those you serve and reassurance in the form of excellent job security. According to market research done by IBIS World, Canada’s population has gone up 3.6% annually over the past five years. This trend is likely to continue, and so is the increased need for physiotherapy services. 

As a physiotherapy assistant, you can work closely with patients, administering treatments that have been prescribed by physiotherapists, coaching patients on exercise techniques, gait training, and much more! Here are just a few ways physiotherapy assistant courses at Medix College can help you launch a rewarding and lucrative career in the field. 

Learn Functional Anatomy and Movement 

Functional anatomy refers to the use of basic anatomy and physiology to understand the functional significance of each structure within the body’s musculoskeletal system. Functional movement recruits multiple muscle groups and requires strong joints. By learning all about functional anatomy and movement in our Physiotherapy Assistant training program at Medix College, you can aid the administration of treatments that significantly improve the lives of patients, restoring their ability to move freely and comfortably. 

Knowledge of functional anatomy and movement will be necessary for a successful career after physiotherapy assistant training.

Help Your Patients Through Treatment With Your Knowledge of Physiotherapy Fundamentals

The physiotherapy assistant diploma will build upon a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology and provide you with the fundamentals of professional physiotherapy. You will learn how to apply rehabilitative techniques and have the chance to gain confidence and build crucial professional relationships in an 8-week practical placement. 

At Medix College, you can be sure that you’ll receive well-rounded training that combines theory and practice. You will be equipped to help patients through the overwhelming, often challenging process of regaining their physical strength and functionality. 

After physiotherapy assistant training, you’ll be able to aid the implementation of life-changing treatments for patients.

Support Patients by Learning About Mental Health in Physiotherapy Assistant Training 

A well-rounded physiotherapy assistant course won’t neglect the importance of supporting a patient’s mental and emotional well-being throughout treatment. In fact, improved mental health is one of the most important results of successful physiotherapy interventions. Physiotherapy reduces pain, which improves mood and a patient’s ability to live a full life. This can certainly improve mental health. Physiotherapy also requires patients to exercise, which has many established mental health benefits like an increase in happy brain chemicals, decreased stress levels, and improved sleep. Physiotherapy can also offer patients a sense of hope, which can help them reverse the negative mental health effects of injury, chronic pain, or musculoskeletal conditions. Get ready to change the lives of patients when you complete the physiotherapist assistant diploma at Medix College. 


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