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Tips for Crafting a Great Resume After Dental Assistant Training

September 03, 2021

If you’re just starting to think about starting your job search after completing your dental assistant training, creating a resume is probably one of the things on your mind. A great resume is the key to success when it comes to making it to the interview process–where an employer will be able to get to know you better as a candidate. Once you begin applying for jobs after graduating from a dental assistant program, you’ll be using your resume to show potential employers that you have the skills, qualifications, and experience necessary to be a successful addition to their dental practice. 

Below, discover some useful tips which will help your resume to stand out during your job search!

Include These Key Skills That Employers Look for in Graduates of Dental Assistant College

As a dental assistant, you’ll be responsible for completing a number of different duties within a dental office. From administrative tasks to assistance with dental procedures to medical history of intake, there are a few key skills–both hard and soft–that you’ll want to showcase in order to succeed as a dental assistant. After completing your dental assistant training, consider adding these skills to your resume:

Hard Skills:

  • Instrument sterilization
  • Patient education on oral health practices
  • Assistance with X-rays
  • Preparation of patients for dental procedures
  • Tableside assistance

Soft Skills:

  • Organization
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Multitasking capabilities

When you include these skills on your resume, employers will know that you have what it takes to get the job done.

Enhance your dental assistant resume by including the relevant skills you’ll build on the job

Mention Your Relevant Work Experience

If you’re just completing dental assistant college, you might be tempted to assume that you don’t have any relevant work experience to include on your resume. However, including previous work experience is almost always valuable in any resume, even if the job you had is different from the job you’re applying for. On your resume, you can include any work experience where the skills you built are relevant to your career as a dental assistant. 

For example, if you have volunteering experience, you might want to include it in your resume if your responsibilities demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively or organize a large volume of information. Even if you don’t have extensive experience in the dental field, a look through your job history should help you to identify different opportunities that helped you to build some of the same skills required of dental assistants.

Don’t forget to include all relevant work experience in your resume

Avoid these Common Mistakes

We’ve talked about the resume “do’s,” but it’s also worth touching on the resume “don’ts,” in order to ensure that you avoid making an unnecessary mistake which could cost you a career opportunity. For one, it’s important to always tailor your resume to the particular job you’re applying for. Instead of sending in the same resume to every job you come across, take a look at the job description to see if there are any particular skills or qualities that an employer is looking for in the dental assistant they hire. 

When you emphasize these particular qualities and skills throughout your resume, an employer will be more likely to view you as a good fit for the position. Another important mistake to avoid is forgetting to properly format your resume. Your resume should be clearly labeled by section in chronological order, with your contact information at the top, and should be no longer than one page.

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