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The Benefits of Completing an Externship During Medical Office Administration School

June 18, 2021

Medical office administrators are a crucial component of the healthcare system. They work diligently and sensitively to ensure that medical services run smoothly for both staff and patients. As the duties of a medical office administrator vary, gaining an early insight into the professional environment is a valuable experience. 

Externships offer students an opportunity to observe their chosen career in action. By immersing themselves in the professional workplace, students can understand the responsibilities, demands, and skills required of a medical office administrator. That way, they can better prepare for entering the job market upon graduation.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of completing an externship during your studies. 

Gain Insight Into the Profession

An externship is an opportunity to shadow professionals in the workplace and observe their daily tasks. As a medical office administrator, you’ll be expected to handle the administrative work of a medical office, including patient data collection, medical transcription, and appointment schedules. Additionally, you’ll act as a liaison between medical professionals and patients. 

The responsibilities of a medical office administrator are extensive. This makes an externship a valuable opportunity to understand the full scope of the career before completing your degree. By immersing yourself in a medical office, you’ll gain unique insight into the finer details of the workplace that can prepare you for entry into the job market. That’s why an externship is a mandatory component of medical office administration school at Medix College. Students are required to complete 240 hours of externship placement, through which they can learn the specific applications of their training to enhance their educational experience. 

Understand first-hand the duties and responsibilities of a medical office administrator

Make Connections During Medical Office Administration School

Building a professional network is one of the best ways to facilitate your job search after graduation. Employers are far more likely to hire someone with whom they’re familiar–whether that be through past experience or a mutual connection. An externship is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to a company and connect with other working professionals. The earlier you enter your field, the easier it will be to secure a job. 

Connect with working professionals during medical office administration school

An externship opens the doors to the professional world. Take this opportunity to ask as many questions as possible, speaking to other professionals in the medical office about their career path, and getting advice. Employers will be impressed by your curiosity, enthusiasm, and dedication to the profession. Familiarizing yourself with the demands and culture of the workplace will help you to tailor your own career path after medical office administration training

Enhance Your Resume

Increasingly, employers are looking to hire candidates with industry experience. When applying for jobs as a medical office administrator, employers will be impressed by the addition of an externship on your resume. An externship demonstrates that you have taken the initiative to learn as much as possible about your chosen profession. 

You may even wish to apply for a job at the same place you completed your externship. In that case, your application should highlight your intimate understanding of the office culture and the professional duties required. By highlighting the skills and training you obtained during your externship, you’ll have a head start in the running for competitive job openings. 

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