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Ready for a Career Change? 4 Reasons to Pursue Personal Support Worker Training

June 03, 2022

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A career as a personal support worker (PSW) is among the most rewarding one can pursue. That’s because those working in this role have a hand in changing the lives of others in one way or another. PSWs are responsible for caring for the elderly, people who are ill or are recovering from illness, or those who may need help performing daily tasks. Those embarking on this rewarding career path can look forward to working in settings, such as: long-term care facilities, health centres, hospitals, clients’ homes and private care facilities–to name a few.

If you’re considering a career change and gain joy from helping others, personal support work might be right for you. Discover four reasons to pursue personal support worker training.

1. You’ll Be Career-Ready in Just 32 Weeks

Starting a new career can oftentimes be stressful–especially if you’re already working part-time or full-time or if you have a family to care for. Going back to school for training can be hard to fit into your already packed schedule, which is why you’ll likely be interested in a quick path that will best prepare you for new career success.

At Medix College, you can complete our personal support worker training program in just 32 weeks. This includes theory, consisting of 12 modules, along with off-site externship placements totalling 310 hours. The externships will give you the chance to exercise all of the skills you learned during the theory part of the program, providing you with the practical hands-on skills you need to be career-ready upon completing the program.

2. You’ll Feel Good About the Work That You Are Doing

Working as a PSW can be extremely rewarding. In this role, you will care for others, helping them with their daily tasks, their mobility, and keeping them safe. Those who choose PSW careers tend to have a particular set of key qualities including patience, kindness, and empathy. They also find immense joy in helping others. These qualities are critical in this role. If you’re a people person in search of a career that will enable you to feel good about the work that you do each day, personal support work could be the perfect fit. 

personal support worker courses
You can feel good about making a positive difference in the lives of others after PSW courses

3. You Will Positively Impact The Lives of Others

Another reason to begin a PSW course is to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you work with the elderly assisting with daily tasks and personal hygiene, work with people who are ill, or perhaps those who have been subjected to abuse and neglect, you will be helping and positively impacting each and every one of their lives.

personal support worker training
As a Personal Support Worker, you will help clients with daily activities

It can be challenging for someone to realize that they are no longer able to perform daily tasks, but PSWs are there to help them through by assisting with things like bathing, eating, and enjoying activities. While PSWs are always there to lend a helping hand, something that’s often overlooked is that they also offer up a listening ear. Sometimes, a good listener is all it takes to turn someone’s day right around. Once you become a PSW, you’ll be there to do just that for those who need you.

During your training, you’ll take courses like Assisting with Personal Hygiene and Assisting the Family/Growth and Development, here, you will gain a better understanding of how much a PSW actually does in way of helping their clients. In certain cases, PSWs can impact the lives of not just a single client, but an entire family, as well.

4. Opportunities Abound After Personal Support Worker Courses

One concern that many people have when contemplating the decision to pursue a new career is whether their investment of both time and money will pay off. Questions such as, “Will I land a job upon completing the program?” is a fair question. Since the demand for the role you’re considering may be unknown, employers may require candidates to have some work experience before they are hired. Or, you’re simply unsure of the opportunities that will be available to you. 

At Medix College, students gain that valuable and sought-after experience through their externship placements, where they put the skills they’ve learned to use in selected facilities. What’s more, as our population ages and PSWs grow more and more in demand, there will be ample opportunities available to you after graduation. You will be poised to find work in a variety of different settings in both the private and public sectors.

And with a good personal support worker program, you’ll be ready to tackle your new career in no time!

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