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Quality Assurance Explained for Students in Medical Lab Tech Training

July 15, 2022

Quality Assurance is an ongoing, comprehensive component of any lab that is taken seriously by both companies and governing bodies. Anyone considering medical lab tech training should brush up on what Quality Assurance really means in various lab settings to ensure their full compliance and support of the laboratory’s policies.

At Medix College, students studying to become medical lab technicians earn their diploma covering a number of related subjects in both theory-based lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions. Some of these topics include anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, professionalism & ethics, laboratory safety, ECG fundamentals, clinical chemistry and Quality Assurance. Continue reading to learn the basics when it comes to Quality Assurance so you’re well prepared for your courses at Medix College!


Effective Lab Policies and Procedures

Every quality assurance program ensures that the lab has effective policies and procedures in place to maintain the safe and successful production of products. At Medix College, students in our Medical Lab Technician Training get to try their hand at examining Quality Assurance procedures around various testing techniques in the lab component of the program.

Effective lab policies and procedures are in place not only to protect the product and ensure the success of the company, but also to protect the employees who are handling the product at various vulnerable stages of production. With adherence to the lab’s policies and procedures that outline safe handling, preservation, labeling and more, employees don’t have to worry about putting their health at risk for the sake of their work.

During Medical Lab Tech Training, you’ll become comfortable with Quality Assurance procedures and policies

Identify and Correct Problems After Medical Lab Tech Training

An important aspect of Quality Assurance is identifying when there is a problem and being able to come to a logical solution. Correcting problems or holes in policies and procedures can help keep yourself, other team members, and the public safe. When problems occur, initiating corrective action is essential to recover from the issue and minimize damages.

After completing Medical Lab Tech Training, you will be accustomed to working in a lab setting, possessing a general understanding of how to perform testing techniques, how to position materials and equipment, and how to maintain a safe working environment. If you come across an issue in your future career where you notice something is outside of these standards, you can speak up to ratify the issue. In such a dynamic workspace, your contributions can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of Quality Assurance measures.


Identifying and correcting any errors will come in handy as a lab tech as you learn to receive, document, and test patients

Assure Test Results are Accurate and Reliable

Another aspect of Quality Assurance involves assessing test results to ensure that they are accurate and reliable, as well as prompt. If ever in your future career you notice that test results seem to have errors, then it’s important that the procedures are altered in a timely manner to ensure no further tainted results are acquired or used.

The importance of Quality Assurance reaches far and wide across a number of laboratory operations, including pre-testing, testing, and post-testing procedures. Proper communications, assessments, and comparisons are essential to uphold the standards of each laboratory and the work they perform.

While quality assurance may seem like a big responsibility, each lab will have its own dedicated department so that the work doesn’t solely fall on the medical lab technicians. But with the extensive hands-on experience you’ll receive in the lab, as well as the academic and career support you’ll receive from our teams, you’ll graduate the program feeling confident and ready to start your career.


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