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Government funded training program brings more PSWs into local workforce

August 15, 2022

The Ontario government is making it easier to pursue a career as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). They’re now offering new funding to Private Career Colleges, allowing eligible students who are enrolling to receive financial support that covers tuition, books, and other mandatory fees. These new government-funded grants essentially allow students the opportunity to become Personal Support Workers through free education.

To better support residents living in smaller Ontario communities, Medix College, a private career college that’s been operating for over 50 years, has redeveloped its PSW program, making it more accessible. Their 27-week PSW program now runs online, making it easier for residents living in smaller communities outside the GTA to access.

Although Medix has three campuses within the GTA, they recognized a growing need to better support residents living in more rural areas. Mike Parker, the Business Development Manager at Medix, highlights this by stating: “We saw there was a greater need in rural areas outside the GTA, and the program was not being implemented there.”

To make the program as accessible as possible, Medix redesigned its original PSW program to match the needs of its market. However, to ensure that students receive practical training, there is a 4-Day Bootcamp component where students

can practice their learning in a simulated environment. Medix ensures its program maximizes access through online learning while still incorporating hands-on training in a way that benefits students.

What makes the new government-funded PSW program unique is that it offers paid placement opportunities for students enrolled. Now through the provincial funding, there is the opportunity for students to receive an hourly wage while undergoing their placement. Making it easier for individuals to continue their education without having to worry about managing an internship alongside work.

To better support healthcare and long-term care homes in rural areas, Medix offers local placement opportunities for residents in smaller communities. Students taking the program online are not expected to find placements in the GTA. Instead, there will be internship opportunities available in local regions. Some of these areas include Keswick, St. Catherines, Ottawa, and Newmarket areas.

The investment towards Personal Support Workers aims to support long-term care homes by meeting their staffing demands. It also aims to help build a stronger and more unified healthcare system.

Additionally, Medix strives to support the need for Personal Support Workers by providing residents of Ontario access to training. The government-funded program will continue until September 30th. To learn more about this unique PSW program visit



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