People of Medix – Mary

April 15, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic situation affects everyone including student like me. Before this, I was used to going to school everyday but with the pandemic we are all forced to stay at home. The school needs to be closed, so we have to do online schooling.

Initially I thought it will be difficult because I have never done it before. However after a week or 2 I started to adjust and make my own schedule on how to study at home while taking care of my toddler.

Putting extra effort on reading text books, watching lecture videos of my professor, answering all assignments and reading all PowerPoints have helped me with online learning.

It is nothing compare to what we are accustomed to but we can learn a lot from the current situation. It all starts with trial and error but ultimately it’s up to us if we are willing to do it for ourselves for our future career.

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