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Infographic: Why a Personal Support Worker Career is So Rewarding

August 18, 2021

Becoming a personal support worker is about caring for others, improving lives, and understanding how to help with daily activities, mobility, safety, and more. A PSW career can be one of the most rewarding decisions you make in your life. Not only will you be in-demand as a skilled worker with training and knowledge, but you’ll be able to apply those skills and knowledge to a meaningful professional path where you make a difference in the world.

If you’re a person who wants to work in a career where you help others, you likely already possess qualities like patience, kindness, and empathy. People who have these qualities can benefit a great deal from the personal development and job satisfaction that result from a personal support worker career. When you enter the field, you will likely start to see the benefits very quickly and notice that relationships at work are mutually positive. Read on for more about what makes this such a rewarding career path!

What Makes a PSW Career so Rewarding?

You Can Work in Many Different Environments

Part of a rewarding career is the opportunity for variety and growth – you can work:

  • In nursing homes
  • In private home care
  • At hospitals
  • With agencies

Emotional Rewards

  • It feels good to help others 
  • Know that you are making a difference
  • Have a career you can be proud of
  • Provide much-needed care
  • Feel like part of a team and community
  • Be a friendly and supportive presence in the lives of others
  • Your clients can be positive people in your life, just as you are for them

You Can Personally Develop Through Your Work

  • Become even more caring and compassionate
  • Learn from the stories and perspectives of clients
  • Increase your patience, both on and off the job
  • See results of your efforts and build self-confidence

Your Clients Can Be Very Inspiring

Your clients may:

  • Have difficulty performing everyday tasks
  • Deal with reduced mobility
  • Have pain that they need to manage
  • Be seniors, with a lot of life experience behind them

You are likely to find your clients’ journeys inspiring, whether you’re intrigued by their life story or admire their persistence and grit in overcoming obstacles.

You Will Never Stop Learning New Things

  • With an open mind, you can absorb new lessons each day
  • Clients are all individuals who present new opportunities to learn
  • As you overcome challenges and solve problems, you will grow


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