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[Infographic] Qualities of a Top Dental Assistant

April 20, 2021

Dental assistants have rewarding careers where they are able to improve the lives of others. If you’re excited by the idea of making others look and feel good through dental care, dental assistant training might be the perfect fit. Dental assistants work in dental offices, clinics at universities, supply companies, and health centres, as well as other environments. Whatever your goals are, a dental assistant career can offer you exciting opportunities and success.

If you’re thinking about training or have begun a program, you may be wondering what makes a good dental assistant. What are the personal qualities and skills that enable success in the field? From the hands-on tasks that dental assistants perform daily to the frequent interaction with different kinds of people, many qualities you likely already have can come in handy. Read on to learn more about what you can expect to help you as a dental assistant!

Qualities of a Top Dental Assistant

People Skills

  • Helps make people feel more comfortable and safe
  • Emotional sensitivity helps when people have pain or discomfort
  • Being friendly helps clients have a better experience
  • Conflict resolution and a calm approach improves interactions


  • Essential for working with teams
  • Helps the whole dental office provide excellent service
  • Great for networking

Fun fact: Some of the most effective teams are made up of a combination of differences and like-mindedness. Diverse groups working towards common goals make for great teams!


  • Understanding instructions
  • Communicating efficiently with coworkers
  • Listening to clients’ concerns
  • Giving good feedback
  • Asking questions to learn more


  • Ability to work safely and accurately in tight spaces
  • Competence with small tools and instruments
  • Accuracy when using hand-eye coordination

Attention to Detail

  • know the signs of an emergency
  • Protocols must be followed strictly
  • A proactive, observant attitude must be taken to ensure safety
  • Sterilization and sanitation are extremely important


  • Organized people are ready for unexpected events
  • Multi-tasking is easier when organized
  • Keeping tools and equipment in order helps things run smoothly


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