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In PSW College? Here’s How Adult Day Care Helps Communities

July 26, 2019

Adult day care centres act as a service for seniors as well as those who have a chronic illness and/or a disability. At these centres, they can participate in activities, interact with others, and receive support and assistance from staff.

Typically operating during business hours from Monday to Friday, day centres are great for those in need of assistance. Day centres also offer a valuable chance to improve mental well-being and overall happiness. In addition, they offer support to family members who care for clients, leaving a lasting impact on many members of the community. Here are a few reasons why adult day care centres are so beneficial to communities.

Seniors Can Have Fun While Also Receiving the Care They Need

One of the most important benefits of adult day care centres is the social interaction they provide. At adult day care, clients can engage in social activities and/or get outside while also receiving appropriate supervision and medical care; including checking blood pressure, administering medication, or even occupational and physical therapy.

As part of a safe, loving environment, clients can socialize with others, take part in organized activities, and build relationships with peers and caregivers in their community. Activities can include arts and crafts, board games, cooking, gardening, group outings, and holiday parties. At day centres, workers showcase what they’ve learned in their personal support worker training, and adults in need of care will be happy and grateful for the services they provide.

Arts and crafts is one of many activities those in adult day care can take part in

Care from Workers With Personal Support Worker Training Helps Family Members

At day centres, a number of different staff are on hand to provide assistance, such as social workers, activity staff, nurses, and personal support workers who help give personal care. This benefits family members who also act as caregivers to their relatives, giving them time to work on their own self-care while being assured that their loved one is well looked after in a supportive environment.

By reducing caregiver fatigue for family members, adult day centres are beneficial to both the adult in need of care and loved ones who typically have that responsibility. If you’re about to take a PSW course and want to work in this environment, you can look forward to not only helping individuals maintain their independence and enrich their daily lives, but helping the community as a whole.

Physical exercise is another way seniors can benefit from adult day care

Adult Day Care Activities Go Beyond Just Having Fun

Not only will adults in the day care centre have opportunities to socialize, but they may also get care in the form of proper nutrition; assistance with hygiene, transportation, and grooming; and even physical exercise. This can help improve many different aspects of their well-being, as activities stimulate them physically, socially, and cognitively. Such care may even provide other additional benefits, such as improved quality of sleep, happiness, and quality of life. In this manner, day centres truly make a difference to those who attend them. For many, it may even be the highlight of their day.

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