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Maintaining a Safe Work Environment After Medical Lab Tech Training

February 25, 2022

medical lab tech training

Working as a Medical Lab Technician/Assistant is a fulfilling career which provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the dynamic medical laboratory field. In this profession, you’ll be working in a number of diverse settings, which could include: hospitals, clinics, research facilities, medical laboratories, doctor’s offices, veterinary laboratories, government research laboratories, university research facilities and more. However, in order to ensure a successful career, you’ll need to know how to maintain a safe work environment at all times. A safe work environment not only enhances your safety, but the safety of others around you.

At Medix College, you’ll gain hands-on experience throughout your Medical Lab Technician/Assistant training. With a focus on maintaining a safe working environment, you’ll be prepared to launch a successful career.

Read on to discover some work environment safety tips to keep in mind during your career!

Ensure You’re Not Eating Inside the Lab

When it comes to working in a medical lab, it’s important to make sure that no food or drinks are present inside the laboratory at any time. If your appetite suddenly kicks in and you’re craving the delicious meal you’ve prepared, you’ll need to eat in a designated area away from the lab. Bringing food and drinks near your workspace can cause cross-contamination–potentially compromising the quality and accuracy of the experiments you conduct. Scattered food and drink can also pose a safety hazard as they can cause slips and falls, possibly leading to serious injury. After completing your medical lab tech training, you’ll have to ensure that you haven’t left any food or drink behind in the lab in order to avoid a dangerous situation.

Make Use of Storage Containers After Medical Laboratory Technician School

Working in a lab environment as a Medical Lab Technician/Assistant will expose you to different chemicals and toxic materials. After you complete your medical lab tech courses, you’ll have to assist in making sure that these toxic materials and chemicals are properly stored. Chemicals should be stored in specific containers made of non-reactive materials, as a measure to avoid causing any hazardous chemical reactions. For flammable materials, fire-rated storage units should be used. It’s also important to note that acidic chemicals should be stored separately from other chemicals with plastic linings, in order to prevent any vapours from reacting with the metal components of storage units.

medical lab tech courses
Ensure chemicals are stored in their proper containers after your medical lab tech training

Be Safe and Wear Your PPE

In order to maintain a safe work environment within a medical lab, you’ll have to remain vigilant about wearing the proper protective gear and uniform. Lab coats, gloves, and protective goggles or glasses are all essential in keeping you safe and free from injury. Additionally, dress in long pants and a lab coat in order to prevent your body and skin from exposure to chemical spills, splashes or burns. Gloves also provide an added layer of protection for your hands, helping you to avoid potential chemical burns or skin irritation when handling lab equipment. Wearing eye protection is also crucial, as any minor splashes or spills can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. 

medical laboratory technician school
Always wear your PPE to maintain a safe work environment

Practice Good Hygiene

Upon launching your career as a Medical Lab Technician/Assistant, you’ll need to follow good hygiene practices to maintain your safety and the safety of everyone around you. Following good hygiene practices is all about taking the necessary steps to limit the spread of hazardous materials and reagents inside and outside the lab. As with food and drinks, your personal belongings should always be separated from your working area or station. This will prevent you from touching or spreading any hazardous materials that may have accidentally come in contact with your personal belongings. Also, one of the most important hygiene practices to follow is hand washing. Ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly, both before and after you leave the lab and before and after you eat.

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