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Customer Service Tips That Will Help You After Pharmacy Assistant School

October 23, 2020

Customer service skills are important for any professional to have. At some point in our lives, we’ll likely encounter a situation where we’re communicating with a client. For some jobs, this can be more important than others. As a pharmacy assistant, you’ll be working with clients almost all day, speaking to them, updating their files, and more. Since this is such a big part of the job, it’s important for anyone interested in becoming a pharmacy assistant to be well-versed in good customer service practices.

This will not only make clients happy, but will ultimately make your job easier and more enjoyable, as you’ll benefit from having good interactions and relationships with clients on a daily basis. Here are some customer service tips that every pharmacy assistant should know. 

Those With Pharmacy Assistant Training Should Be Able to Listen to Clients

As a pharmacy assistant, it’s important to be able to listen to customers by making eye contact and nodding. Directly respond to the questions or requests you have the authority to answer–while referring customers to the pharmacist for more in-depth questions. It goes without saying, but being a good listener is also key to correctly fulfilling the client’s request—a basic principle of good customer service. Establishing a good connection by listening attentively to clients can help you to represent the pharmacy well, and to act professionally in their presence. If you’ve completed your pharmacy assistant training, you’ll know that attentively listening will help you be able to better understand what you can do to address the client’s needs. 

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Pharmacy assistants should listen to customers to provide the best service possible

Show Your Clients You Know Them as People, Not Just Customers

One advantage of being a pharmacy assistant is that you’ll probably be seeing a lot of familiar faces that you’ll get to know, as people come to pick up their prescriptions on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity to put your best customer service skills to use, making the customer happy, and bringing some joy to your day, too. Try to remember as many of your regular clients’ names as you can. Starting a conversation with some of the more familiar faces can also be a great way to solidify a friendly relationship. Gestures like these show clients that you personally care about their wellbeing, and this is something they might appreciate. This can help make your career truly rewarding after pharmacy assistant school.

Remember to Serve Customers with a Smile

This one goes without saying, but a smile goes a long way. As a pharmacy assistant, you might come across many clients who are feeling sick, who are stressed out, or who might otherwise be uncomfortable. By being a friendly, professional, and caring presence, you can help them feel a little better. You can always brighten someone’s day with a positive attitude, as you never know what a customer might be going through. They’ll appreciate a positive interaction, and it’ll boost your mood and make your job more enjoyable, as well.

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