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Considering Dental Assistant Training? A Glimpse Into a Typical Day On the Job

November 18, 2022

Are you considering a dental assistant career? It’s a great path that puts you at the centre of dental care, helping patients feel healthier and more comfortable with their smiles. There are plenty of duties you may be asked to perform in this role, including sterilizing equipment, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, and assisting with dental procedures. If you’re excited to become a dental assistant, you may be wondering what a regular day on the job looks like. Keep reading to learn about some of the daily duties you’ll perform. 

Start by Reviewing the Day’s Patient Schedule and Prepare Records

As a dental assistant, one of the first tasks of the day will be to review the day’s schedule and make sure the patient records of those coming in for dental appointments are readily available to the dentist. This part of your job should be completed well before the first patient arrives so as to stay ahead of the game on busy days. Providing a debrief for your dentist first thing in the morning will be well appreciated. Getting these minor tasks done about half an hour before the office opens will not only help your team stay on the same page but also gives you a chance to prepare your work for the day ahead. Planning ahead is a great habit to develop after dental assistant training!

Get Treatment Rooms Ready for Appointments After Dental Assistant Training

After reviewing the day’s schedule, you’ll have a clear picture of what each treatment room should look like. When working in a busy dental office, minimizing time spent looking for the necessary tools and instruments is helpful in maintaining order in the workplace. Dental health professionals like to have sterile, ready-to-use instruments within arm’s reach. Prepare treatment rooms by cleaning your surroundings and organizing the equipment in a manner that facilitates easy access by you and the dentist. 

Disinfecting will be a regular part of your day after dental assistant training.

Welcome Patients and Assist With a Variety of Dental Procedures 

As patients start arriving, your principal objective should be to greet them, guide them to the right exam room, and assist the dentist with a variety of dental procedures. You’ll likely perform cleanings, x-rays, and hand instruments to the dentist as they carry out treatments. Work after completing a dental assistant course will require a variety of other patient-facing duties, such as educating patients on oral hygiene, providing a comfortable environment for them, and answering their questions about treatments and future appointments.

One of your primary roles after dental assistant training is to help dentists complete procedures more efficiently.

The dental assisting diploma program at Medix College will teach you the skills you need to effectively provide chair support to dentists, take and develop x-rays, schedule appointments, prepare invoices, and properly sterilize instruments. If this brief look at an average dental assistant’s day inspired you, start the process today and enroll now! 


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