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How Students in Fitness and Health School Can Get Seniors Active

October 05, 2018

man working out with weightsIt is no secret that physical activity can have a positive influence on the human body. It has been associated with improved overall health and has the ability to enhance physical movement. However, as individuals begin to age, it can become difficult for them to perform certain exercises and reap the benefits physical activity has to offer.

For those who are pursuing a career in the fitness and health sector, helping seniors engage in some form of physical activity can help improve their well-being. Consider some of the ways students can incorporate physical activity in a senior’s daily routine.


Grads of Healthcare Courses Can Help Seniors Build a Balanced Exercise Plan

When it comes to physical activity, some seniors are willing to perform the exercises but are unaware of the types of activities appropriately suited for their needs or condition. As graduates develop an exercise plan, it is important to include a range of specific activities that adhere to their client’s preferences and that take their health concerns into account. For types of exercises, these should include the building blocks of fitness: balance, cardio, strength/power training, and flexibility. Each group targets a specific area and can lead to an increase in overall health if properly executed.

Also, students should advise seniors to take proper precautions when performing these exercises, and should also advise them to not exercise alone. Seniors should listen to their bodies for any limitations, obtain medical clearance before starting certain exercises, and start off at a comfortable pace to reduce the risk of injury. These are important factors that graduates of healthcare courses know to keep in mind.


Entertainment Can Be an Effective Motivational Tool

One effective way to engage clients in physical activity is to pair it with entertainment. If seniors prefer to be inside, they could watch their favourite movie or television program while walking on a treadmill. Or, alternatively, they can listen to music or audio books while performing some light weight training exercises.

two people taking a selfie on a hike

Having fun during exercise can promote overall satisfaction

For those who are more outdoorsy, students can use their fitness and health promotion training to suggest certain fun ways to make exercise more fun. For example, you might suggest taking photographs during walks or jogs in nature or new neighborhoods. Also, clients can convene with friends to exercise together. Finding common interests and incorporating them into activities can be an effective way for seniors to stay motivated.


Students Can Encourage Seniors by Outlining the Benefits of Physical Activity

Seniors may become more engaged in physical activity if they are aware of the positive effects it can have on their overall health. For example, if certain seniors are concerned with weight loss, it may be easier to perform cardiovascular exercises knowing that it can boost their metabolism and help burn more calories. As for other activities, seniors may be surprised to know that they can lead to a reduction in certain illnesses and diseases. Those who tend to exercise regularly can improve their immune system functioning, have better blood pressure, and reduce heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

people smiling as they are walking

An improvement in well-being can lead to a happier lifestyle

Moreover, physical activity can have a positive impact on mental health as well. According to studies, those who perform regular physical activity for a few days or weeks can increase the number of brain neurons associated with memory and other bodily functions. These areas can help individuals in coordination and other similar tasks.

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