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3 Tips for Mastering Job Interviews After Dental Administration School

August 24, 2018

person talking to another person in a meetingSearching for a job after graduation can be confusing, especially if just starting out in a new industry. When granted the coveted interview, many new graduates find that they lack confidence or become nervous during the interview process. It’s important to keep in mind your personal strengths as well as your extensive training in order to present yourself into the professional world of a dental administrator.

Below are a few key tips to help you master your interview and earn your new dream job after graduation. Read on to learn more!

1. Highlight Your Dental Administration Training

Employers often emphasize specific criteria and skills they value in potential new employees, and attention to detail may reward you with your dream job. Graduates are well-versed in dental office procedures and administrative skills, aspects you should be sure to draw attention to during your office scheduling appointment

New graduates can demonstrate their capability to potential employers

The goal of the interviewer is to ensure that you are the most capable candidate for handling the day-to-day responsibilities of the dental office, from scheduling appointments to coordinating billing services, and managing their database of medical information. Your dental administration training has made you the perfect candidate to work in dental offices and clinics, and featuring your educational experience makes you appear more professional and qualified for the position.

2. Cite Your Dental Assistant Courses and Externship Placement

One of the many useful components students gain at a top dental administration school is an off-site externship placement. This has the benefit of giving you real-world experience, a supremely valuable asset when it comes to interviewing with a prospective employer.

Externship placements allow students to develop real-world skills

Acknowledging your past externship also gives you a good boost of credibility. Potential employers are interested in your experience in the field. Demonstrating that you took the opportunity to exercise the skills learned in class and apply specific lessons successfully shows employers that you are responsible and have relevant experience that they can rely on and benefit from. For additional credibility, use examples from your professional experience and how you adapted to a specific situation or solved a problem during your externship.

3. Emphasize Your Personal Skills in the Interview

Dental administration work often demands specific skills that are more suited to some than others. Dental offices can be a revolving door of clients, problems, and paperwork. During the interview, be sure to mention valuable qualities that you have which will show the interviewer that you will be an excellent fit in the work environment. Certain skills are more relevant to emphasize, such as good organization, strong communication, and attention to detail.

By highlighting your personal ability to address and adapt to this work environment, the interviewer will know you are comfortable in a dental office, and can adapt to its particular problems and intricacies in an appropriate and responsible manner.

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