Which Healthcare Courses Best Match Your Personality and Career Goals?

June 08, 2018

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Finding out which healthcare career best aligns with your unique character traits and your vision of the future can be challenging, to say the least. There are so many career paths to chose from, each with their own unique rewards and challenges.

Sometimes it helps to have a bit of advice or guidance beforehand when choosing between the many healthcare careers on offer today; it also pays to have an idea of what skills and personal qualities you’ll need to thrive in each one.

Are you interested in learning more about which healthcare programs best reflect your passions and career ambitions? Read on to learn more.

PSW Courses Are Perfect for Empathetic Individuals Who Love Working With People

Are you a caring individual who enjoys spending time with seniors, as well as children and adults with disabilities? Do you have an interest in working closely with your community, or wish to make a positive contribution in places like long term care facilities and hospitals? If so, then career training in healthcare as a personal support worker (PSW) could be the right match for your personality and career goals.

PSW courses could prepare you for a rewarding healthcare career

As a PSW you will provide personal care to seniors, performing tasks such as preparing meals, minor cleaning, and helping with personal hygiene. You will have plenty of different workplace options, like healthcare centres and homecare settings. PSWs can even get creative, experimenting with activities such as painting and even video games to better their clients’ quality of life.

Healthcare Courses in Fitness and Massage Therapy Are Great for Health-Conscious Individuals

For prospective students who enjoy engaging with the public and working with their hands, healthcare courses in massage therapy or fitness and health might be an excellent idea. Massage therapists and fitness instructors should be professional and have great interpersonal skills in order to make their clients comfortable and happy. Massage therapists must also be prepared to perform a lot of physical work, while fitness instructors need to possess the stamina to demonstrate exercises to their clients and motivate them.

Looking to be your own boss? A career in massage therapy or fitness and health might give you the chance to open your own business. While graduates of massage therapy courses may go on to work in spas and commercial fitness facilities, others may go on to form their own practices someday. Fitness instructors and personal trainers can also choose to work independently, selecting their own clientele and charging their own rates. Some personal trainers have even started their own family business with their siblings or parents!

Medical & Dental Office Administration Are Excellent for Organized and Detail Oriented Individuals

For students looking to pursue office careers in the healthcare sector, medical office administration or dental administrator courses could be the perfect fit. However, as a dental or medical office administrator you will need to be able to communicate clearly and be detail oriented. These qualities can help you stay on top of multiple tasks, such as managing billing services and client scheduling.

Medical and dental administrators are highly organized and proactive members of a healthcare team!

Being able to work comfortably under pressure is also an asset, along with an ability to multitask. Thankfully, Medix College offers excellent Medical Office Administration and Dental Administrator programs to help you prepare for these challenges. Graduates of these programs may be found working in rehabilitation centers, dental offices, and medical clinics, to name a few.

There are still so many other health consultant courses on offer.

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