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Why Medical Lab Tech Courses Make Sure Their Students Develop Strong Teamwork Skills

April 13, 2018

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The rapid growth of healthcare industries has put increasing pressure on the daily operations of medical laboratories, the epicenter for most medical decisions. With these changes, the need for efficient and thorough lab work has never been greater.

Amid the integration of new medical technologies and specializations, medical lab technicians are taking on new duties, from laboratory preparation to patient processing. Medical lab tech courses are also ensuring their students enter the field with strong teamwork skills, now a must for medical professionals. Are you curious to know why teamwork is so important for modern labs? Keep reading to find out.

Teamwork Helps Reduce Errors and Ensure Patient Safety

Teamwork skills for lab professionals are hailed as a potential solution to diagnostic error. These errors have a variety of causes in laboratory work culture, including poor communication, limited feedback for lab work, and a tendency to not report errors. For many, strong teamwork skills are the answer, with an emphasis on communication and transparency.

According to the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, performance in medical labs is vastly improved by team dynamics and an emphasis on a shared purpose. Team structures encourage knowledge-sharing, allowing for performance feedback and a willingness to disclose mistakes. Since fostering this work culture is essential, medical lab tech courses teach students strong teamwork skills.

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Team structures encourage lab technicians to improve their work

Medical Lab Tech Courses Emphasize Teamwork to Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Teamwork is also a matter of industry growth and specialization. A laboratory technician program will equip students with the many technical skills required to operate the newest medical technologies. Once students graduate, some may work for a big lab with several different departments. These departments may have different tasks or responsibilities, and many colleagues may have specialized skills. In these instances, teamwork can help promote understanding between co-workers and departments, ensuring that operations run smoothly and that everyone is on the same page. Some laboratories may even encourage cross training and collaboration, so that if one employee or department feels overwhelmed, others can step in to help.

Teamwork Helps Medical Lab Technicians Thrive

According to the World Health Organization, team dynamics should be instilled at all levels of medical education. For students studying toward a Medical Laboratory Technician / Assistant diploma, this emphasis helps them prepare for careers that feel truly rewarding. Medical professionals repeatedly describe greater career satisfaction when working within a well-defined team, citing the merits of good leadership, trust, and constant communication.

A strong laboratory culture helps technicians invest themselves fully in their work, recognizing their successes and receiving constructive feedback on mistakes. Since medical lab technicians are required to make an immediate impact in a fast-paced field, the merits of teamwork are best imparted while they are still students. It is for this reason that top diploma programs emphasize teamwork, and even allow students to practice their skills through practicum placements in real work environments.

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In medical laboratories, teamwork is a crucial component of a healthy work culture

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