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A Quick Guide to Sports Massage for Students in Massage Therapy Training

January 05, 2018

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Before and after a bit of challenging physical activity, a professional sports massage can provide some compelling benefits to the recipient. Both as a way to soothe existing aches and pains and to loosen up limbs and muscles in preparation for a workout to come, a sports massage can be just the thing for athletes looking to stay fit and ready to take part in their sport or activity of choice.

A sports massage is different from a massage that one might get on a day out to the spa, and even from other therapeutic massage techniques. Here’s a look at what it entails, and what students interested in becoming a massage therapist need to know.

Graduates of Massage Therapy School Can Offer Sports Massage for Injury Prevention

Sports massage is not merely about restoring comfort or mechanical function for a client going about their everyday life, but is rather geared toward assisting individuals who have engaged in strenuous activity and likely intend to continue to do so.

With this in mind, sports massage professionals tend to emphasize techniques that reduce tissue tightness and improve flexibility. This puts the recipient’s body in great condition to work at peak ability and with a reduced risk of injury, and can be of particular benefit when applied before the client exercises. Professional and high-level amateur athletes often get a sports massage to loosen up before competing, and if you offer sports massages after completing massage therapy school, this type of preventative work could account for a significant portion of what you do.

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A sports massage can be a great injury prevention tool for athletes

Sports Massage Specialists Are Equipped to Help With Injuries

Even the healthiest, best-prepared athletes encounter a challenging injury once in a while, and might benefit from massage. Fortunately, graduates of comprehensive massage therapy training will have the theoretical and practical background necessary to assist clients with the rare and difficult injuries faced by athletes.

To prepare yourself to take on this kind of work, look for an approved massage therapy training program like the one offered by Medix College, which qualifies graduates to write the registration exams for entrance to the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. It is also important that the program you choose places emphasis on both the assessment and treatment of injuries, and offers plenty of hands-on practice as part of the education. This combination can help ensure that you have the tools necessary for assessing the issues that an athlete might have, and that you have the hands-on experience necessary to help them correct the problem.

Sports Massage Therapy Training Can Bring You to Interesting Work Environments

One of the interesting aspects of becoming qualified to do sports massage is that it opens doors to interesting employment opportunities in many different contexts. Physiotherapy clinics and sports therapy clinics are standard destinations for sports massage professionals, and offer them the chance to work with a wide variety of individuals looking to prevent injuries or speed up recovery. Some sports clubs or other athletic organizations, though, will hire sports massage therapists to work with their athletes, which can be a great opportunity for self-employed massage professionals looking to build a roster of clients. Instead of working in an office, a massage therapist in this role might find themselves working field-side before, during, and after a game—a perfect option for graduates who love to get fresh air when they can.

Are you intrigued by the idea of working to help repair and prevent athletic injuries?

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