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4 Group Activity Ideas You Can Use After Community Service Worker School

May 31, 2019

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Whether you find employment in an addiction recovery centre, a residential care facility, or another environment, you may find that your place of work offers group activities to clients. Planned activities in groups can build a sense of belonging and aid recovering people in finding enjoyment without substance use. Wholly engaging in these activities can complement other processes, treatments, or programs that a person is going through.

Read on for four activities that are useful in many community service careers.

1. Outdoor Activities Can Help Clients Gain Fresh Perspectives

Activities in nature are commonly used as Adventure Therapy, a strategy implemented in some addiction recovery programs. This type of approach involves an experience in the outdoors that presents challenges outside of a person’s comfort zone. Hiking, camping, and obstacle courses are just some of the events you could plan for a group outing. This also allows you to take people out of their usual environment, providing new perspectives.

2. Team Sports Build Connections

The physical activity involved in team sports offers the natural benefits of exercise and building connections with others. While learning about the helping process in a CSW course, it’s important to remember that physical health is part of caring for oneself and others, useful in boosting general happiness and contentment. Team sports also create healthy relationships as participants work together towards a common goal. Having a sense of connection to other people is a human need that will benefit people facing big challenges in life.

3. Meditation May Come in Handy After Community Service Worker School

Meditation can help to lower stress and enhance self-awareness. In a community service career, you may apply this activity to a group to help regulate emotions, generate kindness, and aid in tension release. Many people you help in your career will be experiencing some level of stress or anxiety. This may be stemming from their personal lives, physical conditions, or recovery. Incorporating meditation into a supportive environment allows them to find some relief and enables them to continue through their day-to-day with a little bit less weight on their shoulders.

Diversity People Exercise Class Relax Concept

Meditation is a group activity that may be useful in your career

4. You Can Plan Arts and Crafts Activities After Your CSW Courses

In a community service worker course, you will gain practical, hands-on training to help you succeed and get hired in the real world. Just as hands-on learning can help with retention and understanding of information, hands-on activities provide a memorable experience. Crafting can offer a soothing balance between skill and challenge, helping with mindfulness and stress reduction. Arts and crafts can also act as a mental diversion from the challenges that people in a group are facing, giving them a short break from their worries. Creating art can also help people work through their thoughts and develop coping strategies as they work towards lasting recovery.

Mid section portrait of unrecognizable female artist holding palette mixing oil colors while painting picture on easel in art studio, copy space

Arts and crafts may be therapeutic for people you work with after graduating from Medix

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