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How Personal Support Worker College Can Teach You to Change Lives for the Better

August 25, 2017

psw helping patient stand up

Personal support workers (PSWs) play a crucial role in today’s healthcare system. Working with a diverse set of individuals, PSWs provide emotional and physical support, assistance with daily living activities like bathing and dressing, and will even accompany clients on trips to the grocery store.

A career as a PSW is incredibly rewarding. Using the skills you gain during PSW training, you’ll make a tangible difference in the lives of others, whether you’re working in a long-term care home, retirement home, hospital, or in a community environment.

If you’re considering becoming a PSW, read on to learn a little more about how PSW college will teach you to provide excellent care and improve your clients’ lives.

PSW College Teaches You to Help Clients Live Dignified and Independent Lives

For clients who have a cognitive or physical disability that prevents them from being able to perform activities necessary to live alone at home, PSWs can make all the difference. During PSW college, you’ll learn how to help clients who are unable to complete activities like getting dressed, bathing, and maintaining personal hygiene on their own.

PSWs provide care for many community-care clients who would otherwise be unable to continue living in the comfort of their own homes. It is the attentive and compassionate care of well-trained PSWs who make this possible. By knowing how to safely, respectfully, and efficiently assist clients with these sorts of activities, PSWs help them live more dignified and independent lives.

PSW helps a patient in bed
PSWs help clients maintain their independence

You’ll Provide Emotional Support to Your Clients Using the Skills You Learned at PSW College

PSWs do more than just provide physical assistance, simple meal preparation, and help with light household chores; another important role of PSWs is providing emotional support and companionship. Using the many skills you’ll learn during your personal support worker courses, you’ll be able to provide your future clients with top-notch support.

One of the most important ways that PSWs provide support is by advocating for their clients. It’s not uncommon for clients to have at least one medical condition such as diabetes, heart problems, or Alzheimer’s. Because most PSWs spend more time with their clients than other healthcare professionals, they may need to communicate important information to other members of a client’s healthcare team, like their doctors, nurses, nutritionists, or physical therapists on behalf of their client.

In addition to advocating on behalf of clients, many PSWs form close professional bonds with the individuals they care for. Knowing that a PSW always has their best interests in mind and that they can rely on them for help and comfort, clients come to see their PSW as a pillar of emotional support and look forward to their visits. For some clients, visiting with their PSW is the highlight of their day.

psw helping patients with diet
PSWs improve clients’ lives by encouraging healthy habits

PSW College Teaches You to Help Improve Your Client’s Overall Health

During PSW college, you’ll learn how to provide personal care and administer bedside care, all of which will help you assist with a client’s cleanliness, which is essential for overall health. In addition, you’ll also help support an active and healthy lifestyle. You may encourage your physically-able clients to go for a leisurely walk to a park or accompany them to a fitness class. You may also support healthy habits by helping to prepare nutritious foods and meals, and encouraging your clients to take their medications regularly and at the proper times.


PSWs improve clients’ lives by encouraging healthy habits

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