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3 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment in a Dental Administrator Career

January 21, 2020

dental office administrator career

For co-workers and clients, a positive environment contributes to efficiency and comfort. As a dental office administrator, there are a few ways you can create and maintain a pleasant place to both work in and visit. 

Many dentists and hygienists understand the big role their administrators, secretaries or assistants play in the dental office. The dental office administrator is usually the person in the office that connects staff with clients, while also handling office organization and scheduling. If you want to become a dental administrator, here are a few ways to make sure your office is a positive work environment.

1. First Impressions Matter

If greeting clients and answering the office phone is part of your dental office administrator career, then this step is absolutely essential. Even if you are not always the person who answers the phone or greets clients, it is still important to make sure you are making the best possible first impression on clients, especially since you represent the entire dental office.


When clients feel positive about their experiences, your co-workers will thank you
When clients feel positive about their experiences, your co-workers will thank you


Before clients see or talk to the hygienist or dentist they already have an impression of the office. From the moment they call to make an appointment, their experience begins. It is important to be kind and empathetic when making a first impression on clients. This will contribute to making sure clients are comfortable and ready for sitting down with the hygienist and dentist. 

2. Make Organization a Priority in Your Dental Administrator Career

From maintaining inventory to scheduling appointments and staff, to fulfilling any other administrative duties, organization is one key to success in your dental administrator career. If you are responsible for tracking and ordering supplies, you must maintain a clear coordination and organization system with your co-workers to ensure supplies arrive on time and do not expire before they are used. 

When co-workers do not have to worry about running out of anything, or experience stress about schedule conflicts with co-workers or clients, they can focus on their jobs. When the office is organized, it is more likely everyone can relax and enjoy their work. 

3. Follow Up with Clients and Communicate with Co-Workers

Another strategy to make sure your office is a positive place is to ask for feedback. With respect to clients, some dental offices conduct after-appointment surveys. The positive effects of these surveys are twofold. First, you can share any positive feedback you receive with your coworkers in order to boost overall morale. Second, you will know the ways in which the office can improve for clients.


Staff meetings are a great place to go over client feedback and do positive teambuilding
Staff meetings are a great place to go over client feedback and do positive teambuilding


With respect to co-worker communication, regular staff meetings where open communication is facilitated and encouraged will help maintain a good working environment for everyone. The same way dental offices can respond to client feedback, co-workers can respond to each other to improve. Regular and clear communication among co-workers will contribute to positive, efficient and safe work conditions for staff and quality care for clients. 

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