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3 Ways in Which Pharmacy Assistant School Graduates Are Helping the Fight Against COVID-19

June 12, 2020

They’re frontline workers, but you don’t need to go to a hospital to see one! Pharmacy workers such as pharmacy assistants have been playing a role in helping their communities navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in numerous ways. 

It isn’t simply about dispensing medication to clients. Teams consisting of professionals like pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians have been helping keep the public safe and reminding them of the dangers of the novel coronavirus.

As a key part of any pharmacy team, a pharmacy assistant can help keep things rolling along smoothly as they help clients fight against COVID-19, and ensure they get the necessary services during this time. Read on to learn more about three ways pharmacy assistant school graduates are fighting the pandemic.

Pharmacy Assistants Are Taking All the Necessary Safety Precautions

Given the public-facing nature of being a pharmacy worker, those working as a pharmacy assistant are required to interact face-to-face with others, whether they’re clients or fellow colleagues. 

Thus, they must wear masks and practice physical distancing while on the job. They may also wear gloves, or even put plexiglass over counters to ensure their safety. In addition, pharmacy assistants will help to make sure that their workplace is cleaned and disinfected in accordance with government standards.  

Pharmacy assistants help keep records of prescriptions

Assistants Help Pharmacists With Various Tasks on the Job

Since pharmacy assistant training graduates work under a pharmacist’s direct supervision, they are able to perform a variety of different tasks that can go a long way during a crisis such as COVID-19. 

Although they aren’t able to do some of the things pharmacists can do in these times, such as triage clients or give them injections, a pharmacy assistant can do a number of simpler preparation tasks while supervised by a pharmacist. They also keep records and inventories of prescriptions and medications, as well as making sure products are labelled correctly — helping to ensure the pharmacy runs as smoothly as ever during a truly chaotic time.

Pharmacy workers ensure clients aren’t sick or have not travelled before entering

Pharmacy Assistant School Graduates Go the Extra Mile to Keep Clients Safe

For some pharmacy assistant training graduates, the importance of keeping clients safe doesn’t stop there. For instance, certain pharmacies will restrict opening at certain hours of the day so that more vulnerable populations such as seniors can do their shopping, or offer deliveries and curbside pick-up services for clients. 

They may also take steps to advise clients on what to do if they’re exhibiting symptoms, such as through posters and banners plastered on the store windows. Pharmacies not only act as an access point for clients in need, they also disseminate the information necessary to help the general public flatten the curve.

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