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3 Reasons to Work in Public Health After Fitness and Health Training

December 30, 2022

Public Health careers focus on bettering societal wellness by promoting healthy behaviours and reducing community health disparities. Professionals in this field are highly trained workers who can improve health outcomes on a community level. Many people in this career field love their jobs because of how rewarding it is to know you are making a positive impact on your community. As a bonus, working in public health almost guarantees job security and career growth.

Students that take our Health and Fitness program are confidently entering the Public Health field because they are trained in: the anatomy and physiology of all body systems, exercise prescription, fitness assessment, motivational techniques, business management, biomechanics, nutrition and much more. Here are some of the best reasons why Health and Fitness graduates will love working in Public Health. 

1. Make A Difference in The Community After Health And Fitness Training

You’re probably wondering what Public Health professionals actually do to help the community after healthcare school. In times of an outbreak of disease (like COVID-19), people turn to public health agencies for information and advice on how to stay safe. The Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health hire public health professionals to prepare reports and educate the public on matters of health and safety. As a fitness and health professional, you’ll develop a good foundation in anatomy and physiology, advanced health science, health coach lab and more, with the chance to bring that knowlegde to public health departments.

Students in fitness and health courses can promote healthy living in their careers as Public Health professionals.

2. Promote a Healthy Environment And Lifestyle 

Are you one of those people who has always prioritized health, fitness and wellness? Everyone knows someone that gets up early to work out, meal preps on the weekend, buys organic, hates single-use plastics etc. These people will tell you it’s not a diet or exercise, it’s a lifestyle. They don’t just eat right and watch their steps. Oftentimes, individuals are so passionate about health and wellness that it branches out into all areas of their life. Because of their commitment to healthy living, these people can be considered role models to their communities.

In a changing climate, promoting healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices, and business practices is a major pillar of public health. Without sustainable practices, it will be hard for people to live happy, productive lives in the future. Graduates who have completed health and fitness courses know it feels good to give back to your community by leading by example. This can be recycling, supporting local farmers and any other way you involve yourself in your community. Going into public health gives students the opportunity to make a difference and to live their health and fitness passions to the fullest.

Graduates of fitness and health courses become role models in their community.

3. Public Health Workers Love Their Job Security and Career Growth  

Public health engenders more job security than many other fields. This is because public health positions often require intimate knowledge of the policies and procedures around an organization or government body. This information is not easily transferable, and once you have a job, particularly in the public sector, you can enjoy greater job security than in other fields. 

You’re probably wondering: what about career growth and development? That’s the exciting part of this field. There are five core sections to public health work: epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and management, social and behavioural health, and finally, environmental and occupational health. With the right training from Medix College, you can set yourself on the path to future career advancement. 


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