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Why CMA Accreditation Is So Important to Medical Lab Training

June 09, 2017

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Completing training to work as a medical lab assistant will allow you to take on an exciting new career, but not all training programs are made equal. When choosing your training program, it’s important to pick one that is recognized as being a cut above the rest, and that has been recognized for offering quality education to its students.

The Canadian Medical Association is a national organization that includes both physicians and people in training to become physicians, and offers valuable accreditation that ensures quality healthcare training programs. By completing a program that is accredited by the CMA, you can be assured that you are receiving quality education. Here’s why this accreditation is so important.

The CMA Boasts a Long History of Quality & Dedication to Canadian Healthcare

Since 1867, when it was founded by a group of physicians who believed Canada had need of a national medical body, the CMA has gathered together many of the best medical professionals in the country. Today, it counts 85,000 professionals among its ranks, all united behind the goal of encouraging the country to remain healthy, and to provide quality care to any who need it.

Few organizations have the kind of longevity and clout that this long-running medical establishment boasts, making it a rather unique voice in the medical and government policy arenas. Complete a medical laboratory assistant program that has been accredited by the CMA to ensure you are getting high-quality instruction that meets the top standards needed for success in healthcare careers.

The Accreditation Helps Ensure Medical Lab Training Is Appropriate for Your Career

A crucial benefit of doing your training through a CMA-accredited program is that the structure of the program must have “competency-based learning objectives that encompass all competencies specified in the national competency profile for the profession.” In other words, it needs to teach you all the concepts and skills you will need to thrive in your future career.

You can expect to explore many important concepts in a CMA-accredited program offered by schools like Medix College. For example, you’ll learn how to process specimens, how to follow important cleanliness and safety procedures, how to prepare worksheets within a lab, and more. By the end of your training, you can expect to be fully ready to take on all that will be expected of you in your career as a lab assistant.

A CMA-accredited training program will get you fully prepared for a career as a lab assistant

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CMA-Accredited Programs Will Track Data on Their Medical Lab Training Effectiveness

An important aspect of the CMA accreditation process is that it is required that schools gather data and maintain records to prove that their program is effective at teaching students the material they need to learn. This means that by choosing to study in a CMA-accredited medical lab training program, you can ensure that your education is not only delivered in a format that is recommended by a national body, but is delivered by a school that has a proven record of student success.

At Medix College, this concept is taken to the next step, with a record of employment placement rates for graduates also maintained for each program. This means that not only can you be assured that the training you are receiving is high-quality, but you can also see proof that it leads to great possibilities in your future. Check out the employment placement rate to get an idea of the possibilities that await after graduationstudent working together in classAre you looking to attend a great healthcare college in Ontario?

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